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Kerala online Marriage Certificate, Register Love marriage, Procedure , Download

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Kerala Online Marriage Certificate

Kerala has provided an online system for  Marriage Certificate. Marriage Certificate is mandatory for all the citizens of Kerala. This certificate will help women to protect their rights. You can register your marriage online or offline depending on your choice and you can submit the application at the Registrar Office.

Marriage Laws and Regulations

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According to the Mariage law and regulation are set up according to the state government. In the state, Kerala the marriage can be registered under the following mentioned acts. Check the details about them below. As we want our user to be aware of each information.

  • Hindu Marriage Act
  • Common Marriage Rules
  • Special Marriage Act

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Benefits of Marriage Certificate in Kerala

  • Marriage Certificate is a legal document that provides a proof that women are married to the person whose name and photo is mentioned on the Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate provides social security to women
  • Marriage Certificate helps when you apply for passport or visa for the husband or wife
  • Marriage Certificate also mandatory in claiming bank deposit or life insurance related benefits to women  after the death of husband with no nomination of any person

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Documents Required for Marriage Certificate in Kerala

  • Attested Age proof for the husband
  • Attested Age proof for the wife
  • Copy of the certificate from the marriage place or religious authority or declaration form from Gazetted Officer or Member of Local Government Institution with reference to solemnization of marriage
  • Marriage Invitation Card
  • Form 2 that is certified by a Gazetted Officer or any other proof of solemnization of marriage to the approval of Local Registrar in event of the delayed application
  • Identity Proof of husband and wife
  • Address Proof of husband and wife
  • Memorandum signed by both parties to the marriage along with two persons considered as witnesses

Application for Marriage Registration

The marriage registration application is required to be submitted by the candidate within the 45 days of the marriage so to avoid the fine payment along with the fee. As the application for the Marriage Registration includes the Form 1, that is available free of cost at the registrar office. You also have to submit the passport size of husband and wife, Total 3 photographs needed two affixing in the memorandum and one in the marriage register and 2 witnesses is also required to be present along.

How to register Love Marriage in Kerala?

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The people belonging to the different faith or the caste can get married under the special marriage act. As the special marriage act, the Bride and groom have to be present at the office of the local registrar’s office to register the Love marriage in Kerala. An application would be displayed in the registrar’s office for a period of 30 days about the couple intent to married.

During this time anyone who has an objection regarding the marriage can visit the Registrar’ s office along with the evidence. The objection will only be considered genuine for the reason along the evidence. Parents, relatives or any person related to the applicants are not allowed to object the marriage.

After the period of 30days, the Nonobjection certificate is issued and sent to the Registrar’s Office. The bride and groom along the 3 witnesses can approach the registrar office for the final procedure of register the love marriage in Kerala within 6 months. The witness along the candidate identity proof is required to be presented along. Once the certificate is ready then they can be accessed online and the candidate can get the print of the application or the certificate after the love marriage registered.

The requirement for Marriage under the Special Marriage Act

Following are the requirement for Marriage under the Special Marriage Act. Check the points below.

  • The candidates applying must the age of 20 years or above.
  • The candidate should not be in the prohibited relationship.
  • The candidate does not have a spouse on the date of registration.

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Marriage Registration Download Application Form

The application forms are as follows under the Hindu marriage act and the special marriage act. You can make use of the Link given below to get the pdf of the application forms and fill the forms and submit the application form in the Marriage Registrar office.

Make use of the Link given below to get the download application form.

Kerala-Hindu Marriage-Registration-Form-1.pdf

Kerala-special Marriage-Registration-Application-Form.pdf

Registration Fee for applying Marriage Certificate

The registration fee is Rs 100 which a candidate has to submit if he/she applying for the memorandum for reason of registration and the marriage certificate fee of Rs 20 is also required to pay along so a total of Rs 120. The candidate belonging to the SC/ST or BPL category is applicable to pay the fee of Rs. 10 for the submission of the Application regarding the Marriage certificate within the 45 days of the Marriage. If the candidate is applying within a Year of the marriage then he has to submit the certificate form  II  along the fine of Rs 100 and if the candidate applying the marriage certificate after a year then he/she has to pay the fine of 250 Rs.

 Procedure of getting  Marriage Registration in Kerala

If you want to register your marriage you can register online on the official website of Kerala. Marriage registration can be completed within one year of solemnization. The candidates can apply for the marriage Registration after the Marriage.

You have to open the official website of Kerala

  • Now you can see a picture as given below.
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  • Click on the Registration of marriage from the Documents menu as given above picture.
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  • Now next page will open your screen then click on Online Form Submission as given below picture.
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  • Now select the District and Local Body from the drop-down menu as given below picture for your reference.
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Login to Sevana for Marriage Registration

  • If you have registered at the Sevana then you can log in by entering the username and password along selecting the department.
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  • If you are a new user then you have to click on the new login for registration as you can see the above picture for the reference.
  • After click on the new log in a picture will appear on your screen and you have to enter all details for registration as given below picture for reference.
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  • After completing the registration, you will see a picture and you have to enter all the details as given in below picture for reference.
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  • You should have entered all the mandatory details as you can see given above picture
  • Communication Details
  • Local Body Details
  • Details of Marriage
  • General Details of husband and wife
  • Wife’s Parents Details
  • Husband’s Parents Details
  • Witness Details

Reference Image:

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Upload photographs

  • Now you have to upload photos of husband and wife.
  • After uploading the photos you have to click on the Submit button.
  • After the submission of the application verification of the application will take place.
  • After editing of the application, you have to resubmit the form.

Submission of Application to concerned department

  • Take a printout of this form and submit it to the concerned Local Body dully signed by all concerned
  •  The husband and wife need to file this application personally along with required fee in the concerned local body where the marriage is solemnized.

Sign on Form II

  • The concerned department can download the application online from the website, the fee details, incorporate number and the verification of the documents are an available option at the site.
  • After the process of verification, the official will issue the form III for the sign of the husband and wife on that application form III.

Official Verification of Marriage Certificate

In order to check the Official verification of the Marriage Certificate. You can either visit the Sevana Portal of Kerala or you can make use of the link given below for the assistance of the user at the page.

Reference Image:

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  • Select Certificate.
  • Enter the official information such as:
  1. Name
  2. Designation
  3. Address
  • Enter the date of Birth
  • Select your district
  • Select you Local body type
  • Select you Local body
  • Enter the registration number
  • Submit the application for verification for the Marriage certificate Online Kerala.
  • You will get the required results.

Delayed Applications of Marriage certificates

If you are applying after a year of the marriage then you have to also give the reason for the delayed application of marriage certificate. Then the application along the fine and the Form 2 will be sent to the registrar’s office to get the certificate in case of delayed application of marriage certificate.

Search Marriage Certificate Kerala

As your application procedure are completed then after the process of verification. You can get the marriage certificate by download the marriage certificate from the official portal of the sevana Kerala Government Civil Services. Check the steps and the link along the image for the Download Marriage Certificate Kerala.

You can also make use of the link given below:

Click here

  • Click on the search option.
  • Select your district
  • Select you Local body type
  • Select you Local body

Reference Image:

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  • Status of the Marriage certificate appears
  • Select the year of the Marriage.
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  • Enter the details mentioned below.
  1. Enter the Date of Marriage
  2. Enter the  Name of Husband
  3. Enter the  Name of Wife
  4. Enter the Marriage Place
  5. Enter the Registration number
  6. Enter the Key number

Reference Image:

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  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the search option to search the certificate details.
  • Your marriage certificate result appears.

Download the Marriage certificate online Kerala

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If you are interested to download the Marriage certificate online then you have to follow the procedure given above as you have to enter the steps of search. As you will be able to see the marriage certificate. Then you will be provided the option of downloading the Marriage certificate online. You can make use of the Print option to get the Marriage certificate online Kerala. You can make use of the link given below to download the marriage certificate online Kerala.

Contact Details

Panchayath Director

(Registrar of Common Marriage)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Ph: 0471-2323286

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