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Bhulekh Karnataka

The Karnataka Government has launched a new website. You can also download a copy of the record (Jamabandi NAKAL) as per the instruction of the Land Revenue Act. With the Online Portal made available in the year 2000. The people can access all land-related documents such as Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC) or Pahani, Mutation Report online. It will lessen the unnecessary visits to Patwari as people can select their district on Map and enter the details required yo know about their land. Now the job made easy for the farmers if they want to know about their land they can now know it easily by online portal being launched by the government. As the facilities are arranged for the people to their access so that they can avail them.

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Online portal Karnataka Land Records

The online portal is available for ease. You can open the portal and make use of it by finding the detail of Land record. Everyone wants to get everything done as fast as possible and in easy ways. It aims to set up new time-saving technologies for citizens.  The Department of Revenue has made the portal available for access to the common people.

Services provided at the portal

The list of the services which are provided by the online portal Bhoomi which is controlled and managed by the Karnataka Government for the Convenience of the people popularly known as Meebhoomi. Check the list of services below.

  • i-RTC
  • Revenue Maps
  • View Bhoomi RTC Karnataka and MR
  • View RTC Information
  • RTC
  • Mutation Extract
  • Mutation Status
  • Tippan
  • Citizen Registration
  • RTC XML Verification
  • Dispute Cases
  • Citizen Login

Benefits of Bhoomi Portal for Farmers

Bhoomi Portal will help the farmers in the state. To get the land details by easy access. The benefits which the Bhulekh portal provides are as follows. Check the Benefits list below.

  1. Under the portal of the Karnataka Land record scheme, you can get the map for your land.
  2. The options are provided to the user at the portal to make use of them by entering either the Measles number or the Jamabandi Number or the owner name means you can search the information about your land by any method.
  3.  With the launch of the online portal, you can view the information from your home.
  4. The scheme saved the time of the people as n0w they don’t have to visit the Patakar office to get his land detail.
  5. Online registration is possible at the Online portal.
  6. The scheme has digitized the people as with online reach of services to them.
  7. The farmer can apply for the loan easily.
  8. To make claims when necessary for the Benefits.

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RTC – Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops

It stands for the  Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information. The candidate can get the  RTC/Pahani contains details of land on  Bhoomi portal.

  • Landowners details
  • Type of land
  • Area of measurement
  • Water rate
  • Soil type
  • Agricultural, commercial, nonagricultural residential flood area
  • Nature of possession of the Land
  • Liabilities
  • Tenancy
  • Crops are grown

RTC /Pahani helps to get information about the land. It is issued to the people or land owned with the signatures of the Tahsildar /Deputy Tahsildar.

You can get the Land Record by visiting the Online Land Record Portal. The basic information about the portal is above. In the below points you will get the information to get the Land Details from the official Portal of the Bhoomi. It is very easy to get the details. Read the points below to know more.

To get the land record online at the Bhoomi portal follow the following steps.

  • Click on the link Given along.
    | SarkariNiti
  • Select the option form the following.


Mutation Status

Old Year

Current Year

  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taluk.
  • Select your Hobli.
  • Select Your Village
  • Select the survey Number.
  • Click on the Fetch Detail.


Bhoomi Online i-RTC Citizen Login

Click on the link given along if you want to log in to the Bhoomi online IRTC Citizen login. Click Here To Visit

  • Enter your User Id.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Enter the Captcha code.
  • Click on Login.

If you have already registered then only the above steps will be applicable otherwise you have to register yourself at the portal to get the user id and the password.

Register at the portal of Bhoomi

The candidate has to register at the Portal of Bhoomi. To get the access to all the essential details. It will also help the contender to login to the Bhoomi Portal easily.

Click on the above link given in the login steps.

  • Click on the Create account.
  • Enter the required detail and submit the application form.
    | SarkariNiti
To get the records of rights, tenancy and crops (r.t.c) form no 16. You can visit the official site of Bhoomi or click on the link given on the page below as the image and the steps are also given for the assistance of the user.

Click on the link given along. Form no 16

Open the link and the following page will appear as shown in the image below.

  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taluk.
  • Select your Hobli.
  • Select Your Village.
  • Select the survey Number.
  • Click on the Fetch Detail.
  • The detail will appear on the page.
  • You can also get the owner detail as well as the crop detail as shown in the following images.

Mutation of Property in Karnataka

Mutation is a process transferring the property to the name of one person to another and providing him the ownership of the property.

If you are interested to apply for the mutation then you can visit the Kiosk center and can easily apply for it and fill all the detail and generate the application number for the application registered and make use of the application number in future. You can also get the Acknowledgement slip for the same registered application.

 Mutation Report in Bhoomi

The Mutation Report issued to the people contins the basic information of the land. You can get the Mutation Report by studying the steps below. If you desire to get the Mutation Report follow the steps indicated.

  • Click on View RTC and MR option from the Home Page of Bhoomi portal.
  • Click on mutation option.
  • Enter all the details.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taluk.
  • Select your Hobli.
  • Select Your Village.
  • Select the survey Number.
  • Click on fetch details.
  • You will get the desired detail.

Check Mutation Status in Bhoomi

To view RTC/MR page select the MR status option.

  • Enter all the details.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taluk.
  • Select your Hobli.
  • Select Your Village.
  • Select the survey Number
  • Select the Hissa number
  • You can view the status of Mutation Application.

Bhoomi Dispute Case Reports

You can check the dispute report on the online portal. You can visit the online portal by clicking on the link provided on the page below. The image is also provided for the assistance of the user.

  • Click on the link given along. Bhoomi dispute case Report
  • Open the link.
  • The following page appears.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taulk.
  • Click on get Report.

Revenue Maps

The Revenue Maps of the Land contains the map of the land. Now you can view the map online by visiting the official portal of Bhoomi.

Click on the link given Along Revenue map

  • The following image will appear.

  • Select your District.
  • Select your Taluk.
  • Select your Hobli.
  • Select Your Village.
  • Select the Map Type.
  • You can view the map as shown in the image below.

It is in the form of pdf you can view it online or download it for future use.


You can also give your feedback at the portal as the Link and the for the same is provided below for your assistance. You have to click on the link to open the official website or you can also visit the official website directly by searching the Bhoomi portal for Karnataka. Then enter the information asked. Submit the information as well as your feedback at the portal about the type of service you require, Further details at the portal, Changes at the portal or more. Check the image and the link below.

Feedback at Meebhoomi 

Contact info

You can get the information and contact detail. Either you can get it on the official website or you can make use of the link given on the page to get more information.

Owned, hosted and maintained by Director (Bhoomi & UPOR)
Bhoomi Monitoring Cell, SSLR Building, K.R. Circle
Bangalore – 560001
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 080-22113255

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