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Jharkhand Free Smartphone Scheme for Panchayat Workers

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Chief Minister said the smartphones connect the panchayat swayam sevak workers with digital technology and also these mobile phones will also help the workers to connect with all government departments of the state. Under Jharkhand Free Smartphone Yojana 2017 government will benefit only panchayat workers.

Objectives of the scheme

The main objective of the smartphone scheme is to empower the Panchayat Swayam Sevak’s with the digital technology. The smartphones scheme would help Panchayat Workers seamlessly connect and communicate with the government departments.
The Panchayat Swayam Sevaks would also be paid for their contribution in the implementation of central government’s flagship housing scheme “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” in the state. The state government would build 2.2 Lakh houses in the state under PMAY-Urban.


Only panchayat workers are eligible for this


• They will be aware of everything going on in the system.
• They will be up to date with the latest news and amendments made by the government.
• Development of this ancient governing system which is a must.
• Technology has become a compulsion over the years so everyone should be able to access it easily.


Technology has brought the world closer. In a similar manner, the government is trying to bring people close so that they connect with each other and give a positive feedback . Time is very much valuable and technology saves a lot of it.We hope this scheme works in a similar manner and the management system gets better and better.

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