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Bhulekh Jharkhand

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The Jharkhand Government has launched a new website, which is named as Apna Khata where people can know the detail of their land records online. You can also download the copy of the record (Jamabandi NAKAL) as per the instruction of  Land Revenue Act. It will lessen the unnecessary visits to Patwari as people can select their district on Map and enter the details required yo know about their land. Now the job made easy for the farmers if they want to know about their land they can now know it easily by online portal being launched by the government. As the facilities are arranged for the people to their access so that they can avail them.

Online portal

The Government department aims to set up new time-saving technologies for citizens. And this busy life, nobody likes to stand in long waiting queues and wait for their turn to come. Everyone wants to get everything done as fast as possible and in easy ways . Especially people have to wait too long to get their government work done. The online portal is available for the ease. You can open the portal and make use of it by finding the detail of Land record.

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Detail at Bhulekh Jharkhand

The State Government has Started an online portal which aims to provide the online services, but the main purpose of this portal is to provide online land records. The detail which is provided on the online portal are the services which are provided to the user to get the land record easily at the single click.

Benefits of the Bhulekh Jharkhand

The benefits which are provided by the portal are listed in the points below. Check the benefits as follows:

  • No need to pay a Bribe to the officials
  • No need to wait too long in the queue.
  • No need to visit the government offices.
  • No wastage of time.
  • Easy access to service.

Services provided at the portal

  • Account Jamborette online
  • Online Application
  • View e-Mutation Status
  • Online Lagan

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Jharkhand copy their account Jamborette online

You can check the following as choosing the option you want.

  1. View your account
  2. See register-II
  3. See Account & Register- II
  4. Register-II – Khesra Var details
  • Click on the link given along Or visit the official portal of the Jharkhand Land record Jamborette online Jharkhand
  • The image for the same is shown below.
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  • Click on your account.
  • Select your district.
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  • The detail will appear as given below.
  • The image for the same is as follows. Check the image below.
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  • Select your District.
  • Select your Zone
  • Select your Light.
  • Select your Variety as shown in the above image.
  • Select the Mauja’s name.
  • Select the Revenue Agency
  • Choose one of the different options to find:

Jharkhand Declining Disclosure

  • Click on the link given along or visit the official website as mentioned above in the article. To open the link along, click on it. Jharkhand land declining Disclosure
  • The following shown page in the image will appear. Check the image below.
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  • Fill in your Details.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Zone
  • Select your Light.
  • The Detail regarding Mutation will appear.

Registration Process ROR Mutation Application

  • Visit the official website www.jharbhoomi.nic.in
  • Click on the “Jharkhand ROR Mutation Application Form”
  • Fill all the details asked in the application form.
  • Submit your registration form.
  • Upload a scan photo
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Click on “Generate Acknowledgment” to get the print of the application number.

Jharkhand Geo Map 

  • Jharkhand GEO map  click on the link given along to view Jharkhand Geo Map
  • The following page will open.
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  • Here is the information which you have been asked for.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your circle.
  • Select your Halka.
  • Select your Mauja.
  • Select your Sheet Number.
  • Select the Plot number.
  • You will get the map for your entered information.

Contact info

You can get the information and contact detail of the revenue officer of your area. Either you can get it on the official website or you can make use of the link given on the page to get the contact number of the officers.

Department of Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms
Government of Jharkhand
Contact No – +91 0651-2401716

Email : dolrjh[at]gmail[dot]com

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