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Jeevika Odisha Rural Livelihood Program

Mukesh Jindal
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This scheme was named as the Odisha Rural Livelihoods Program (ORLP) as one which initiative that has made a proposal to provide an additional livelihood beneficial component to ongoing watershed projects in the state of Odisha. Under the ORLP, the Jeevika scheme is being implemented by the Odisha Watershed Development Mission, Department of Agriculture and the Government of Odisha. This scheme is going to provide benefits to the poor people of the state.


Objective of the scheme

The main objective behind introducing this scheme is addressed and enhances the livelihood needs of the landless and marginal household that are generally left out under normal watershed activities.

Implementation of the scheme

The scheme has been implemented to provide an additional livelihood component to the people of the watershed area of the ongoing watershed projects under the IWDP and the Drought Prone Area Program in the following areas:

  • Koraput
  • Nabarangapur
  • Malkangiri
  • Rayagada
  • Kandhamal
  • Mayurbhanj

Under the scheme, 460 micro watershed programs are currently operating in the districts mentioned above.

Benefits of Jeebika Odisha Rural Livelihood Program

  • Benefits of the scheme not only flow to the landed household but also to the poorest and vulnerable sections by way of developing alternative and diversified livelihood opportunities. Jeebika, through its additional livelihood component, mainly aims at enhancing the livelihood needs of the poor residing in the project village
  • Under this scheme will address quality of life such as preventive health measures, sanitation, drinking water, and food security
  • These include activities to enhance incomes of poor, marginal and landless HHS through the promotion of SHG and CIG, micro credit and savings, micro-enterprise promotion, skill development, primary processing and marketing, livestock promotion, fishery, and other off-farm enterprises

Required eligibility and conditions to apply for the scheme

All poor of Odisha state are eligible for this scheme. In fact, this scheme is implemented by government agencies itself so that poor people would get benefits unconditionally

Document required to apply for the Jeevika Odisha Rural Livelihood Program

For getting benefits some documents may require not fixed. Documents like e.g. Aadhar card, BPL ration card, Residence proof

Contact Details

Contact: Manager, Soil and Water Conservation, Odisha Watershed
Development Mission (OWDM), Bhubaneswar
Email: [email protected]



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