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Jeevan Pramaan – The applications program is going to be earned open to different stakeholders along with pensioners. It might be worked to perhaps a smartphone, even together side a relatively biometric scanning system or a computer system. This center will be offered in Common support Centres currently being controlled for the sake of pensioners living in places that are inaccessible and remote, beneath the National program. The certification that is suggested is going to eliminate with so as to guarantee continuity of pension, all the need for the pensioner needing to submit a Life Certificate in November every calendar year. Meanwhile, the division of IT and Electronics has developed and details out of his cellular apparatus or pc, by simply plugging at a scanning gadget. Key particulars of this pensioner, for example, information, time, and also date is going to soon be uploaded into a database on basis allowing an electronic digital existence Certificate to be accessed by the Monetary Disbursing company. This will demonstrate the pensioner was living at the right time of authentication. At the moment, retirement is drawn by 50 men and women out of your Central Government. A number that is the corresponding draw on retirement. Out of the armed forces personnel draws on retirement in excess of twenty-five lakh. Even the Aadhar-Based electronic living Certificate can go away in cutting hardship which many citizens need to proceed right through each calendar year to create a living Certificate. Even the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, now established “Jeevan Pramaan” — an “Aadhar-based electronic existence Certificate” to get pensioners, at a movement which can finally reap above crore pensioners. Even the Prime Minister reported that this life certification was. The previous requirement involved the pensioner possibly introduces himself to the Monetary Disbursing company or submits a daily life Certificate issued by police given from the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO).


This center will be in addition. It’s estimated that is likely to use this center of lifetime certificate. Together with “Jeevan Pramaan” that the pensioners and family pensioners shouldn’t stop by the retirement service or Gazette/designated jurisdiction for entry of daily life Certificates. Even the lifespan Certificates can be filed from laptops and computers or simply by seeing a Common support Centre or the division of almost any retirement financial institution. There are disbursing Service Centres along with banking institutions. Entry of electronic existence Certificate ensures the credibility of retirement obligations.

Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan scheme

Delhi Centre Might Also utilize the Assistance of Accreditation Centres and Facilitation and is currently Nodal Centre for its execution of this Scheme from the NCR Area according to their Jurisdiction. Jeevan Pramaan can be a digital assistance for pensioners. Pensioners of both state, Central Government or another Authorities company will reap the benefits of the particular facility. The point is always to produce the process troublefree for govt workers. Exactly the Aadhaar system is used by it. For this particular, entry into this application for its authentication of this pensioner and one apparatus has been awarded to each of Accreditation Centres and also Facilitation facilities. Workshops are arranged to provide access and demonstration details for use for Li Fe Certificates enrolment. Because of this particular, all NIELIT Centres would ease electronic living Certificates to be registered by govt Pensioners. All of Nielit centers are given with Biometric products, totally free from charge, which is mounted to Notebook or your pc. All centers are eligible to charge a commission, not exceeding Rs. 10/ a pensioner for that specified center.

Jeevan Pramaan

How to apply

In a few Passport Seva Kendras citizens who’ve employed for reissue or brand new of all passports have been authorized to submit their software because ‘walk-in’ candidates’ Appointment is not needed by them, however, must enroll their software on the web and gain Program Reference range, or even ARN, at the least 2-4 hours. Also, the software is all accepted to first-come, first-serve premise although no appointment is necessary. Police confirmation is completed until the passport has been issued. Into state, it might be done susceptible in the event of citizens. Elderly citizens might be issued a passport article authorities confirmation basis should they publish a duplicate of the passport in the youngster (previously 18) keeping overseas (having a typical page using their title) being an extra record together side theirs.

Eligibility and Conditions applying for Jeevan pramaan scheme

Eligibility and Conditions applying a for Jeevan pramaan scheme

Following Pension Sanctioning Authority can be on board:

  • Apex Offices (such as Offices of the Hon’ble President of India, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India)
  • Central Government offices.
  • State/UTs Government Offices.
  • Autonomous bodies/ Statutory Organizations/ Societies under Central Government Ministries/Departments/Offices.
  • Autonomous bodies under State Government Ministries/Departments/Offices.
  • Central Government/State Government PSUs.
  • Bodies created through Parliament/State Legislation.
  • Judicial Organizations.

Procedure for Jeevan pramaan

Pensioner’s advice like Pension Aadhaar variety, Pensioner identify, PPO variety, bank-account depth, deal with, cellular variety and so forth are all fed directly in to the device through web-based / consumer port and also lastly pensioners man or woman info are authenticated employing the Aadhaar variety and pensioner needs to set his finger on the fingerprinting scanner or eye to exactly the Iris scanner. Pramaan i-d / that the trade variety is shown around the monitor as well as also same has been routed in the portal site to Pensioner as SMS. The portal site creates digital Jeevan Pramaan for its pensioner plus it’s stored from the life Certificate Repository database that is fundamental. The lender finds and also could get the Jeevan Pramaan certification in the portal site throughout the information transfer mechanism generated between financial institution server site and your portal site because of his pensioners. Desirous of working with the Jeevan Pramaan facility needs to register their Aadhaar number. After uninstalled was done, pensioner may download the applications in Pensioner must notify the Financial Institution his Jeevan Pramaan was created from Jeevan Pramaan portal site Through Internet enrollment.

Jeevan Pramaan

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Apply online

To apply online for the Jeevan parmaan, you can easily apply for the same as the online service is provided by the government for the same so that the user can easily get the access of the service at the center or from your mobile itself. The link is given for the assistance of the user. APPLY ONLINE FOR JEEVAN PARMAAN

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Register at Jeevan parmaan

If you are interested in official registering at the Jeevan parman. The image is also given below for the assistance, kindly check the image. To register yourself or sign up at the portal you can either visit the portal official page or click on the link given along to register yourself at the portal. SIGN UP

Steps for registering at Jeevan parnam.

  • Enter the mobile number registered with Aadhaar.
  • Enter the Aadhaar number.
  • Enter the code.
  • And an OTP will be generated.
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Log in/ sign in at Jeevan parmaan

To log in or sign in the Jeevan Parman if you have already registered or signed up at the portal then you can easily sign at the portal of Jeevan Parman. To sign in or log in at the portal follow the steps given below for your guidance and the image of the page is also given below for your help. Kindly check the same to get the information regarding the Login at the Jeevan Parman.

Steps for log in

  • Enter the username or the Email ID.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Click on “let me in”
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Jeevan Pramaan Centre Locator


You can easily find out which Jeevan parmaan center is near you as the all the details about the Jeevan center are also available online on the portal. You can get the Jeevan parmaan center near you either by visiting the official page of the Jeevan portal or click on the link for ease to access. The image is also given below for your guidance. Check the image below:

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Steps to find Jeevan Parmaan near you

  • Enter the type you are searching through location or pin code.
  • Select the location type.
  • Select the state.
  • Select the district.
  • You will get the Jeevan parmaan center which is near you, result along with the map.
  • Now you can find the Jeevan parmaan center near you easily online by the mobile use, with the help of SMS. The image is given for your help how to locate the center from the mobile phone.
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Download Application

You can download the application form easily from the online method by either visiting the official page of the Jeevan Parmaan or you can click on the link given along for getting the application form with a single click access. You can download the application form by entering the email id then click on the option “I Agree to download”. The image is also given along with the link of the application for the help of the user. APPLICATION FORM DOWNLOAD

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Contact details                

Jeevan Pramaan Project

3rd Floor, National Informatics Centre

A Block, CGO Complex

Lodhi Road

New Delhi – 110 003 India

Tel: (91)-0120-3076200

Email: [email protected]

 Jeevan Pramaan PDF

Some Important Links

Official Website:-


Jeevan Pramaan living Certificate can be a complex method for pensioners which suggests they’re without shifting of the residents residing. That is a fantastic initiative out of Govt. Of all India.

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