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Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) – PDF, Guidelines, Contact Details

Integrated Power Development Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
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Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) – Energy is the main requirement for any developed and developing country. Right management of the energy and finding the clean alternative of energy resource is need of the hour to save the world from global warming. In the year 2015, the central government has launched the ‘integrated power development scheme’ to improve the energy production and supply system in this country. Only efficient production of energy will not change the situation if the supply chain is not good enough. In India, all the major energy producers follow backdated technology, which is very harmful to the environment. Also, these companies have inefficient and poor grade supply system for the energy, which causes a lot of wastage. The integrated power development scheme will help the government as well as private energy producer to produce and supply the energy in a clean and efficient manner.

Some Key Facts Of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)

The central government has allowed 45,800 crore rupees for the implementation of this project. The private and the government distribution companies will get benefit from these schemes. This scheme is at its initial stage. That’s why the policymakers will run this project in smaller areas to check its potential.

Initially, the project will start in Varanasi. The governing authorities will replace all the overhead cables with underground and efficient cable to supply electricity. The river banks and the temples will be the main target area, where the underground cable project will start. After that, the governing authorities will replace all the overhead cables of Varanasi with the underground cables to increase the efficiency of the electricity supply system.

All the government buildings have to install rooftop solar panels to reduce the conservative electricity consumption. With the implementation of this scheme, the central government is focusing more on clean energy alternatives.

The previous old models of transformers will be replaced will more energy efficient transformers. This will reduce the wastage of electricity to a significant level.

Integrated Power Development Scheme

More advanced technology will be used for energy accounting and auditing system. The new energy accounting and auditing system will be IT-based more accountability and transparency.

End to end metering system will be introduced at macro and micro level for better loading distribution and billing system. The new meters will support IT-based technology for added transparency and accountability.

The Objective of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)

The main objective of this Integrated Power Development Scheme is to add accountability to the power distribution system. This will help the lawmakers to identify the potential areas for improvement.

This scheme will help the public and private power distributors to add efficiency in the distribution system. The IT-based technology and the efficient transmitters and wiring will ensure less wastage of energy.

It will also decrease the stealing of energy, which will help the distributors to distribute the energy properly. The advanced meters will enable the distributors to manage the distribution system efficiently and effectively.

Integrated Power Development Scheme

Benefits Of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS)

Efficient energy distribution is important for the development of any country. Every day the natural energy resources are decreasing and it is very important to find the clean alternatives for clean energy resources.

  • This scheme will add more efficiency in the existing energy distribution system in this country.
  • It will reduce wastage of the energy through underground wiring and modern transmitters.
  • This scheme will ensure proper billing and proper distribution, which was impossible before because of poor quality meters.
  • The distribution system will become more transparent and accountable with the help of IT-based auditing and accounting system.
  • Public and private bodies will install solar panels, which will reduce the conventional electricity usage.

Eligibility And Conditions Applying For Integrated Power Development Scheme:

This scheme was introduced to develop the existing power distribution system. Private and government power distributors are bound to adopt the new technology for efficient power distribution. Government bodies will get a subsidy for using roof-top solar panels. Common households will also get a subsidy for installing clean energy alternatives like a solar panel.

Integrated Power Development Scheme


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Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) – Guidelines

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Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) – PDF

Stages Of Integrated Power Development Scheme:

This scheme has been divided into some stages. At the initial stage, this scheme will be applicable in the urban areas. The nodal authorities have approved for 35,000 crore rupees to upgrade the supply system of energy in the urban area. The overhead cables will be replaced the underground cables to reduce the wastage of energy. Also, hi-tech efficient transmitters will be used for the distribution of power.

The second stage of this project consists IT based advanced monitoring system to audit the power supply system of public and private power distribution companies. The advanced meter will be introduced for better distribution of power load. It will reduce the stealing of energy.

The 3rd stage will be applicable to all the macro and micro government institutions. All the government institutions will use solar panels. The solar panels are a great source of clean energy. All the airports and government building will run on clean energy, which will reduce the energy load of the distributors. Initially, this scheme will be applied to the major cities and then it will be introduced to the suburban and rural areas.


This Integrated Power Development Scheme is considered to be a bold step towards brighter future. This step is need of the hour for this country and the world as well. dependence of the conventional energy sources not only increase economic burden, but also it is harmful to the world environment. That is why all the developed countries are spending their money to find alternatives for clean energy resources. Introducing the clean energy resources and the efficient energy management system will help this country to become independent for its energy needs. Though this scheme is at its initial stage and it will be implemented in the tier 1 cities. This final outcome will help the policymakers to identify the flaws in the scheme so that they can come up with better policy and plan for this purpose.

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