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Integrated Child Development Scheme

Integrated Child Development Scheme
Mukesh Jindal
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Integrated child development scheme designed by central ministry of women and child development authority in 1975. The major cause behind the skin includes various kinds of adjectives and the main aim is to protect child development rights and increasing the level of children basic facilities like food, education and also to reduce the rate of mortality due to insufficient nutrition food.
Integrated Child Development Scheme

  • Children who are aged between zero to 6 years are eligible to avail the scheme
  • Under the scheme, children will get food for free of cost which includes complete nutritional supplements prescribed by world health organization.  The main reason behind providing a complete nutritional food is to reduce malnutrition and mortality.
  • There is more than 60% of children who are not willing to study or zero encouragement in terms of providing education due to the insufficient mobility of infrastructure at the facilities,  this causes to increase in school dropout.  Under the scheme, children can study without facing any difficulties and also have sufficient food provided by government authorities.
  • Various departments involved in the scheme to run uninterrupted services come under the scheme.
  • Everything which comes under the scheme will be considered as a package will allocate to the children aged between 0 -6  years.
  • This package includes providing complete supplementary nutrition foods, medicine, immunization,  free health check-ups periodically and also other services which will recommend by the doctors and also health awareness programs.  The main reason to include all the above-mentioned services in a single package is to avoid certain things which may skip due to unaware of the services available and also services are interlinked from starting to end.

The structure of integrated children development scheme is precise and a complete parcel of provisions to encourage child care and their education.


The main objective of the integrated child development scheme is to provide child care, education and also health awareness to everyone, especially needy people.  This scheme designed for the children specifically aged between zero to 6 years. Under the scheme, children can get complete nutritional food and education and also health awareness.  This scheme majorly focusing on reducing the mortality rate and also malnutrition in children aged 0 – 6 years.

Benefits of Integrated Child Development Scheme

There are couple of major benefits involved in the scheme which are,

  • A complete package will be provided to the pregnant women includes medicine,  nutritional supplements,  health checkups,  complete health awareness and also other services which are suggested by the authorities.
  • Nutritional food will be provided to the children aged between zero to 6 years
  • Free education and lunch will be provided,  to avoid school dropouts
  • Bringing health awareness in children and also mothers which will help in reducing the malnutrition mortality
  • Complete care will be provided as a package to the mother and child over the period
  • Mother and child immunization system will be developed or maintained at a sustainable level.


Eligibility and conditions applying for Integrated Child Development Scheme

  • Women aged between 15 to 45 years are eligible to avail the scheme
  • Children aged between zero to 6 years are eligible to undergo this game
  •  Adolescent girls, expectant nursing mothers are also eligible to avail the scheme benefits

Required Documents

  • The documents for availing the scheme is just by providing a proper address and identification proofs by the candidates
  • Based on the submission of the documents,  and other days will start the verification process and after successful completion of the verification, the application gets the complete benefits comes under the scheme.
  • Icds scheme purely runs under transparency and each and every detail will be displayed in their respective portal.
  • Complete annual stats will be displayed on the same portal describes the number of people benefited till the date and also annual report shows the scheme availed candidates details.
  • Nearby Anganwadi centers also responsible to streamline the scheme benefits providing to prospective candidates without failure.

How to Apply

  • To avail integrated child development scheme,  the applicant should I reach nearby Anganwadi centers where the scheme is running and have to submit the basic details like name address and age-related proofs.
  • The whole information will be processed as per the norms of integrated child development scheme and then the eligible candidates will get the benefits of the scheme
  • For the children between 0 to 6 years,  children mother have to submit the documents of the children like date of birth and the residential proof.  Based on the documents eligible children will come under the scheme and the benefits will be provided during the period.

Integrated Child Development Scheme

Contact Details

  • To know more details about the integrated child development scheme or to avail the services applicants just have to approach nearby Anganwadi centers there can find a representative of integrated child development scheme who provides complete information and the procedure to apply for the scheme.
  • There is no other mode of communication or median available to avail the service from one location to another.

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The integrated child development scheme act 1975 design and implemented by women and child development ministry focusing on improving the quality of life especially for pregnant women,  children aged between zero to 6 years and also for adolescent girls.The main reason for the scheme implementation is to reduce the mortality rate of pregnant women and also children due to insufficient nutritional supplement foods and also unaware of healthcare.  More than 60% of mortality rate recorded due to malnutrition in children in a year.   At the same time more than 80% student or recorded as school dropouts due to various reasons especially economically backward class and a proper guidance on health and education.

By evening these things integrated child development scheme targets to improve the quality of life by providing nutritional food,  health awareness and also education to the children since from 1978.  At present scheme is running successfully and still encouraging people to avail the service who are completely economically backward and also within the reach to access basic or common facilities like food and education at the right time. Anganwadi centres are playing a key role in building a strong network to encourage pregnant women children to undergo the scheme and to avail the services.

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