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Mukesh Jindal
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The emerging knowledge economies have set up high standards and competition for all nations. This lead to the need for innovation infrastructure with a strength which has a great significance. A well-designed innovation infrastructure is a prerequisite for real-time realization. This includes the realization of Vision 2020.  This mission is very important in terms of the development of the country. The youth of the nation is always under major focus and it needs a lot of courage to make them believe in new and growing ideas.

Generation and development of a human talent pool capable of utilizing and developing first principles in science are both a pre-condition and integral part of such an innovation infrastructure. A model is required to attract talent towards a career in basic and Natural sciences. The individual should basically have an aptitude for research and innovation and this model should be India specific. If your knowledge and intelligence can be of any help to the nation then there’s nothing better. This can only be possible by promoting the scheme to let the youth trust this idea which totally has development as its main concern.

The Department of Science & Technology has proposed one such innovative scheme for an attraction of talent to science which is Innovation of Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE). INSPIRE is an innovative programme developed by the Department of Science & Technology to attract talent to the excitement and study of science at an early age, and to help the country make the required critical resource pool for strengthening and expanding the S&T system and R&D base. It is a programme with long term foresight.


Objective of the Inspire Programme

The main of this INSPIRE programme is to interact with the youth population of the country. The excitements of creative pursuit of science is another element. The main focus is to inspire the young blood to move towards the study of science at this age which is an early age but the initiation is required at this time which is not early but right. The strengthening of the Science and Technology system and R and D base is very crucial. This can be achieved by building the required critical human resource pool.

There are a total of three programs and five components under INSPIRE scheme

 These are given below:

  1. Scheme for Early Attraction of Talents for Science (SEATS),
  2. Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) and
  3. Assured Opportunity for Research Careers (AORC).

The government of India approved this programme in November 2008. A total budget of RS. 1979.25 crores were being set in the 11th Plan period. The scheme was launched by the Pre Minister on 13th December 2008. The allocation for the 12 plan is a total sum of RS. 2200 crores. The 12 Plan includes a period of 2012-2017. The major target was to include and enrol students in all these five components by providing them with the right knowledge and inspiration. These targets were achieved by 2013-2014.

For more information contact

Ms Anita Chauhan (For INSPIRE Awards) Joint Secretary Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhawan New Mehrauli Road New Delhi-110016 Tel: 011-26516077 TelFax:011-26516077 Dr. A. Mukhopadhyay (For INSPIRE Program & Other 4 Components) Scientist – G Department of Science & Technology Technology Bhawan New Mehrauli Road New Delhi-110016 Tel: 011-26590445 TelFax:011-26602193

Email:[email protected]


Inspiration is what required by young blood and talent . As a citizen of India, it’s our major responsibility to bring out this talent and direct it towards Research and innovation. Research is a very important and mandatory process for the development of a country. Innovation at the same time can only be archived if there has been a proper and detailed research behind it. It is therefore very important to let the youth know about all these possibilities and make them work in the sciences to study and bring out new ideas. Every person is unique and so is the intellectual. This knowledge and intellectual must be of some benefit to the country which will also lead to the individual’s development. Keeping this in mind, all these factors are working for the growth of the nation and youth as well. We hope that the scheme works the way it is planned and Research is promoted to a whole new level.


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