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MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana,Online Registration, Eligibility

Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana
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Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana

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The State Government of Madhya Pradesh launched a scheme. It is named as the Indira Home Jyoti Yojana MP, Indira Grah Jyoti Scheme, 2019. The scheme is launched with an objective to help the people of the lower classes and medium classes of the state.  The state government will monitor the scheme and will make sure the benefit is attained by the eligible people. As per the scheme if a family uses 100 units of electricity, then they have to pay only Rs. 100.

Details of the IGJY Scheme

The scheme details can be availed as follows. Have a look at the points below:

  • Name of Scheme – Indira Ghar Jyoti Yojana
  • Scheme Launched by- Chief Minister Kamal Nath
  • Announcement Date – 8 February 2019
  • The budget for the scheme- 2226 crores
  • Benefit Reach out  – 62 million people

Benefit of Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana

Why the need to start Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana?

The scheme MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana to provide support citizens of the state especially related to poor families.

  • People from all section will be covered under the IGJY Scheme.
  • The government will provide subsidy on the electricity bills.
  • The burden of the electricity bill will be reduced.
  • People who make use of the 100 or fewer units of electricity will have to only pay Rs.100/-

Feature of Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana

Electricity will be made available to each household.

  • As per the criteria of the scheme if a family uses 100 units of electricity, then they have to pay only Rs. 100.
  • If a family consumes more than 100 units of electricity then bill for the electricity to be paid as per the current rates.

Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana Eligibility

Who can apply for Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana?

The condition for the eligibility has been set by the Government of the Madhya Pradesh. The candidates have to fulfill the conditions to avail the benefit of the scheme. Check the points of eligibility as follows:

  • Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana (IGJY) can only be availed by the resident of the Madhya Pradesh State.
  • The family or households whose consumption for the electricity per month is less than 100 units are eligible for the scheme.
  • Beneficiaries of the previous simple plan and Sambhal Yojana are also eligible to apply for the scheme.

Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana Registration

How to Register for Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana?

As per the information, no registration for the scheme is required. No official site has been started for the scheme. The benefit will be given as per the Electricity bill of the families. The state government will select the eligible candidates for the scheme.

If any of the Announcement to the Indira Ghar Jyoti Yojana will be updated on the page. So be connected to us to get the latest scheme details.

All the scheme started in the state Madhya Pradesh is for the welfare of the people of the state. As the MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana be one of them to help the people to reduce the burden of the electricity bill. As the people will now have to pay Just Rs. 100 for the 100 units.  Yuva Swabhiman Yojana another scheme started by the  Chief Minister Kamal Nath for the poor unemployed. All these schemes will promote the overall development of the state.

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