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Indian Railways Vikalp Scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Indian Railways launched a new scheme named as Vikalp. The scheme offers a facility to the passengers of getting an alternate accommodation in another train if they do not get confirmed berths in the trains they have booked for or the train of their choice. Their Vikalp scheme launched on the pilot basis on Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sector route only. Through the Vikalp, Indian Railways are going to provide confirmed tickets to passengers on the waiting list, in alternative trains on the same route to make their travel smoother and hassle-free.

The following project was started as a trail in the Mail, Express and Superfast trains of India. As soon as the scheme rolled out its second accommodation scheme, journey changes will not be permitted. There will be no extra charges, neither will there be any money back guarantee between the differences of fares


What is Vikalp Scheme?

Vikalp scheme is mainly a scheme which will provide alternative train reservation for the travelling passengers of Indian Railways. Vikalp scheme will help the passengers to get into an alternative train if their original train tickets aren’t confirmed. This scheme will also help the passengers in wait list of Indian Railways. Vikalp Scheme will be useful because it will allow the passengers to opt for alternative accommodation to get confirmed berths.

The Vikalp facility is being extended to many routes such as

  • Delhi-Howrah
  • Delhi-Mumbai
  • Delhi-Chennai
  • Delhi-Bangalore
  • Delhi-Secunderabad

Salient Features of Vikalp Scheme

  • The scheme is directly being propelled under the name “Vikalp” on pilot premise just for the tickets booked through the web on two parts i.e. Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Lucknow divisions
  • The plan is directly being actualized just crosswise over Mail/Express prepares of a similar classification
  • Under Vikalp, hold up recorded travellers of a prepare can choose affirmed situates on substitute trains
  • No discount will be given and furthermore, no additional cash will be charged for distinction in tolls
  • A traveller dispensed interchange seat could go in the substitute prepare on specialist of the first ticket
  • Travellers on hold won’t be permitted to board it if assigned seat on substitute prepare
  • In the event that, if the traveller in the holding up list goes on a similar prepared, he or she will be dealt with as going without ticket and fined as needs be
  • Deciding on the plan did not mean an affirmed billet will be given to a traveller in the substitute prepare. It is subjected to availability
  • Once confirmed in alternate train, the ticket cancellation charges will be as per the birth or train status in the alternate train
  • Either all passengers of a PNR or none will be transferred to alternate train in same class
  • In rare situations, passengers who have been provided alternate accommodation might get dropped/re-allotted in the alternate train due to last minute change in the composition of the alternate train at the time of chart preparation. The passengers with alternative seats must keep a track of their PNR status even after the official seat list has been issued
  • As soon as the passenger carrying the special seat ticket has been allotted a seat, he/she cannot make any adjustments. Though if a person chooses to do so they would have to cancel their ticket and book another one.
  • If a person has been given a seat and due to that reason he/she didn’t continue the journey they could ask for a refund after filing a TDR report.

How will the scheme work?

  • Currently, the Vikalp is available for online ticket booking, passengers logging into the IRCTC website will have to choose ‘Vikalp’ as an option while booking itself.
  • When you choose the ‘Vikalp’ a pop up appears where you have to agree to the terms and conditions of the same.
  • Then if your ticket is not confirmed, you will get messages on your registered mobile number.

Contact Details

  1. Indian railways enquiry no: 139
  2. indianrail.gov.in

References & Details

For more information about Vikalp Scheme visit: http://contents.irctc.co.in/en/vikalpTerms.html#

Indian railways: indianrail.gov.in


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