How to reach out and contact the Chief Minister of Karnataka ?

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Ever wondered about the different ways to contact the Chief Minister of your state? It has been very difficult in the past years to contact the CM of any state but now times have changed and there are many ways to be heard and state your issues. The system has become more transparent and the social media has made it even better. Here is a compilation of the different easy to reach out the CM of your state and get fast replies.

The state of Karnataka is a major IT hub of India which is located in the south India. It is one of the largest states in India with Bangalore as its capital. Siddaramaiah is the current Chief minister in Karnataka state. The legislative assembly of Karnataka has its headquarters in Bangalore. The state of Karnataka is constituted 30 districts, 176 taluks, 747 revenue circles, 5628-gram panchayats, 281 towns and 7 municipal corporations. Siddaramaiah is the chief minister of Karnataka since 2013, he is the 22nd chief minister of Karnataka. He is a people-friendly Chief Minister.

A large number of people want to have his contact details to reach him directly. He belongs to the Indian National Congress, the oldest political party of India. Additionally, the Karnataka CM office also extended the 24×7 complaint number for the needy ones which were

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a friendly step.

Ways to Reach Out to the CM of Karnataka

Request An Appointment Through The Mail

It is one of the best ways to contact chief minister of Karnataka. You should write a good letter and explain in brief why you meet chief minister of Karnataka. It is also one of the best ways to approach the CM of the state of Karnataka. If possible, attach the supporting documents. You should send your letter to the following address.

Meet At Political Rallies

Most of the chief ministers do political rallies and hence it is one of the best ways to meet CM of Karnataka. However, you should contact local political leaders and ask them to help you to meet the chief minister of the state. You should also co-operate with the security team of the chief minister of the state.

Request An Appointment Though An Email

This way, you would save time and make the things work fast. Prepare a good email and attach important documents and submit it to the official email address of the chief minister of Karnataka

Official email address:

[email protected]


You can also visit

Catch his attention online

Tweet the Chief Minister of Karnataka at
Leave a post on Facebook at his official page

Meet the MLA

Meeting with your areas local MLA may be a good stand on having your issue carried forward as he would be the best way to fix an appointment with the CM.

Formalities required:

Fix an appointment
Write out a letter to the office address

Shri. Siddaramaiah
Chief Minister, Karnataka
Chief Minister’s Office
No. 323, 3rd Floor
Vidhan Soudha
Bangalore – 560 233
Respected Chief Minister Sir,
Mention all the important details of your issue keeping it short and crisp so that it gains attention.
Mobile Number:
Email address:
Residence address:

Fixing an appointment through an MLA

  • First, you would need to present him the information in a way that he is convinced that your problem is serious and needs attention.
  • Then the information would be further processed and then the MLA of your area would partially take your issue forward and speak on it if the information is found at concern of the Chief Minister an appointment would be fixed but if it is of concern to any other department then you would have an appointment fixed with that person who the information would be related to.

Public grievances

Every Chief Minister has his or her own Complaint forum as in the case of the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri. Siddaramaiah you can post a complaint at Chief Ministers office, Govt. of Karnataka (Complaint Cell)
Putting your issue up on social media
Social media is a powerful tool making it very easy for the citizens to post there issues and get fast replies. The CM of Karnataka is very active on his twitter handle.

  • Tweet the CM at
  • Leave a post of message at his Facebook page
  • Official website is

How can you report about a particular issue directly to the Chief Minister?

If your issue is connected to the State or the Nation in general which is very serious and needs solution as soon as possible so in this case, you can contact the CM directly here,
Karnataka Chief Minister Address
Chief Minister’s Office
No. 323, 3rd Floor
Vidhan Soudha
Bangalore – 560 233

Official website:

Twitter account:

Facebook page:

Fax Number : +91-080-22253115

Office Number: +91 80 22253415;
+91 80 22033261
Official house address: Res. No. 32
Siddarmana Hundi, Varuna Hobli,
Mysore Taluk, Mysore, Karnataka

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  1. Smt. Mahananda. Danappa. Mulimani says:

    Resp Sir, I the under signed smt Mahananda Danappa Mulimani senior citizen age 73 yrs I am not having house in Hubli or any were in Karnataka.So sir Hubli Corp has given me Arshya house in Tharihal Ramnagar 2nd stage .Now my labour house no 400, 401 Mallama Shivaraju Ooti now broke my house no 399 lock and now staying in house saying that corp has given house to her, but this is not true I went to corp commissioner and asked about it they are saying I have not given house to mallama s ooty ,house is M D Mulimani given in written in mahithi hakku.sir I have paid full amount to corp they have given me house no 399 letters like bond paper ,full amount paid letter in my name M D Mulimani in 2012. I am paying house tax from 15yrs till2018 .current bill also paid by me till now, voter I’d, Addhar card also all are in my name and in tharihal address.I have made complaint to spo dharwad they are saying me to bring letter from corp that house is in your name I have given them all bond paper xerox then also told me to bring written letter from corp. Mallamma ooty relation Hanumantappa ooty, Maruthi yaliger they are giving me Damki and saying me go were you want to go I am having full support of political and police support sir I am poor I can’t go to cort to fight the case so sir I need help from you to get my house back to me to stay and give punishment to the false people and take action ad soon as possible sir now I am staying in An and nagar Ambedakar nagar old Hubli Hubli 580024 mobile9964818599 So resp Chief Minister sir I once again thank you and request you to take action as soon as possible

  2. Pallavi harish says:

    Respected CM sir,My self Mrs Pallavi garish iam a nursery teacher ia esteemed institution.i lost my husband on November 7th.he is buried in shanthinagar graveyard..Every month when I visit to perform puja the place will be full of garbage I request you to take action on the people who are not taking care of its cleanliness…With regardsHp..

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