Health Protection Plan to Boost Insurance Sector

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

This year Govt. has planned to expand Health insurance sector to provide benefit to the poor population of India. In the Budget of 2018-19, Under the National Health Protection Scheme(NHPS) Govt. of India announced to cover 40% of the population. All the poor families of India will together come under the Health insurance plan through public sector insurance companies. This is really a great move taken by the Govt. to protect the remote, rural and slump area of India and also safeguard their lives. In this scheme, Insurance will cover of up to 5lakh and it will cover around 10 crores of poor families of India. Whereas the merger of three National policies companies like National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, and United India Insurance together contribute 30% of market share of non-life insurance market of Country.
Health protection plan


  • To ensure the reach of Healthcare insurance up to Grassroots level of the country,
  • Target to achieve non-insurance 40% of the poor population of India.
  • To merge public sector insurance company to reduce competition.
  • To expand the health protection plan in the country

Significance and Importance

  • Under the National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) 40% of the Indian population will generate rapid growth in health insurance sector and also hike selling opportunities.
  • It will help to reduce inflation and monopoly in medical also increase tax incentives.
  • The healthcare plan will boost substantial growth in the insurance sector and also generate more employment. To stop the completion and monopoly of insurance sector Govt. decided to merge major three Insurance companies of India. Profit ratio will also increase with this move.


  • The major benefit will reach the grassroots level to take care of the health of Poor public of India by giving them health protection so that they can survive their health in a critical time.
  • Health is an important factor in everyone’s life, Govt. take a very appreciatable step in the current budget to uplift the health of remote area public.
  • Better health will leads to better work and efficiency. The lifespan of the nation will increase.

Health protection Plan to boost Insurance


Good health and wealth is the backbone of the nation to protect them is the key work of the Govt. by virtue of this plan, it will make together all public under one umbrella.

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