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Haryana Police

The Haryana Police is continuously working for the comfort of the citizens of the state Haryana. As nowadays the trend of technology as we want every work done as fast as possible.

The Haryana Police aims for the same. The Haryana Police is presenting online FIR registration. Now people can lodge FIR easily without going to Police Station. With the online FIR system, everyone can register their complaints immediately from anywhere.

FIR-First Information Report

FIR means First Information Report against whom you want to register any kind of complaint. Now you can register any kind of complaint through your mobile or computer without going to the Police Station. The process of online FIR is very easy for everyone. You can register your online FIR totally free. There are no charges for an FIR and you can get a copy of the same free of cost.

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 Online Portal for FIR Haryana  police

Haryana Police is Providing an online portal to register the complaints or FIR(First Information Report). You can register your online FIR on the portal of Haryana Police or you can visit the official website given below.

Online FIR 

How to Register Online FIR

You can follow few easy steps to register online FIR as you can see in the picture.

Step 1: Open the official website to register online FIR and then follow these simple steps given below

  • Enter your UID (Adhaar details)
  • Enter your first name, middle name, last name
  • Enter your landline number, mobile number, email address
  • Nature of information (Law & Order, Driving License, Ration Card, Arms License, Voter ID Card, Income Tax (PAN) Card, Any other Document.
  • Enter your ID number, House number, Street name etc.

Step 2: If you have any kind of information about suspect against whom you register the complaint, fill all similar information as mentioned above, you can see the picture for reference.

Step 3: Enter any other extra information if you want to mention about the Suspect or Crime.

Upload Documents: Upload the important documents. For Example: If you lost your driving license or passport.

Step 4: Enter the Submission Details

Now you have to submit the submission Details like:

  •  Do you know your Police Station? (Enter Yes if you know, Otherwise No) select your district and police station

Finally, you have to click on ‘Submit’ to submit your FIR report. You will be given FIR copy and FIR Number.

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Search Status of  FIR 

Click on the link given along for check the status of FIR Search Status

You can check the status of FIR through the website of Haryana police. To view the status of FIR in Haryana you should know that year, District and Police Station in which the FIR is registered. Other information is not mandatory. You can search the FIR with three basic information. You can follow these steps to view FIR information. The official page of  Haryana Police will appear as shown in the image below.

Follow these steps to search FIR status

  • In which year you have registered FIR
  • In which month FIR was registered (not mandatory)
  • Enter FIR number if you know(not compulsory)
  • Enter the name of District in which FIR registered
  •  Enter the name of Police Station in which FIR registered
  • Click on Search Button

 FIR Search for Missing Person

You can search about missing person on Haryana Police’s Online FIR Portal or you can directly visit the official website of Haryana Police given below and the picture of the same is given to you for your reference.

Public Information

FIR Search for Accident

People can easily search an FIR for accidents as well on Haryana Online FIR Portal.

You can click on this link FIR Accident  and it will appear on screen like this:

Services provided at the Portal of Haryana Police

Haryana police are giving all types of services to the public for their safety, and to prevent all kind of crime. Any person can register his or her complaint through online FIR in just a minute. You can get any kind of information on Haryana Police’s official website. Haryana Police is providing many types of services like:

  •  You can get information about the missing person, most wanted, accidents, unclaimed bodies etc.
  • FIR of lost vehicles
  • FIR of accidents
  • RTI Act
  • How to report a crime
  • News and events
  • Get information on private security agencies rule

The Haryana Police has launched an application, which has been named as a ‘Durga Shakti — the Rakshak’.

Haryana Police is focusing on women’s safety and security. The main purpose to launch this app is to help women when she is in danger or trouble. Any women can use this app for her in trouble just press the button in the app, it will send your GPS location to the Police control room. This will help you with the help of your GPS location. You can ask for a help and safety through a direct call to the police room if you are stuck somewhere. You can download this app from the link given below.

click here to download Durga shakti App

Case Status Search

You can search any case status on Haryana Online FIR Portal you can see the picture for reference or you directly go to the page given along Case Status Search

The Contact Information of Haryana Police

Contact information is giving for your ease, so you can contact the police department of your area easily.

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