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Sustainable Development Of Sugarcane Based Cropping System(SUBACS) was launched by Haryana Government to encourage the farmers of the state. This scheme started In 2000 by Government of Maharashtra and Central Government and also involved department of agriculture. Encourages farmers in the region of sugar cane Mills And also beyond the limits to start farming sugarcane which will help farmers and also to the mill owners. Under the skin, there is a good amount of subsidy and value-added things also included. Department of Agriculture representative will keep on monitoring performing land and helps in the various steps to be taken part for better productivity on various time periods. Periodically a person who represents agricultural department Visits the paddy field and provides any valuable inputs required. Based on the information provided by the experts and professor farmers can get more product without using any kind of chemicals.

Crop Scheme "SUBACS" - Sustainable Development Of Sugarcane Based Cropping System

The major goals of the  SUBACS scheme are:-
• Increasing the sugarcane forming in the state focusing on locally established sugarcane Mills development. This also helps in increasing the level of Costing.
• Encouraging farmers to go with sugarcane cropping, specifically in the locations where the sugarcane crop in Mills exist, this will also reduce the costing factor and good for farmers.
• Various kinds of subsidies and service based information will be provided to the farmers to perform petabyte in doing sugarcane cropping system.
• Pre-approvals and product bye will be done on the day 1 itself by the sugarcane mill owners to the farmers. This is why because of encouraging farmers and bringing assurance to their paddy fields.
• Also helps in the new techniques and innovations can apply for sugarcane cropping, which will help in terms of increasing the product volume and farmers to be more benefited.
• A systematic approachment and things will boost the sugarcane cropping system altogether.


The main objective of SUBACS scheme is to support sugarcane Mills which are in a deep struggle due to lack of sugarcane product for their mills. To avoid such conditions Department of Agriculture and government of Haryana and also Central Government involved in the scheme to provide benefits to the farmers and sugarcane mill owners to work together under a commitment. This is the reason specified in the region where sugarcane Mills exist, the agricultural department encourages to form sugarcane in paddy fields rather than going for other crops. At the time of sugarcane cropping, only farmers will get assurance to buy the product for their mills. This will helps them to bring out more product. Testing soil conditions in the locality of sugarcane Mills agricultural department provides valid inputs which need to be changed in the paddy field for getting better sugarcane crop output. Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar had taken many steps to encourage the farmers of the state.

Crop Scheme "SUBACS" - Sustainable Development Of Sugarcane Based Cropping System

Benefits of Haryana Govt. Crop Scheme “SUBACS”

The major benefits under the scheme belong to sugarcane mill owners and farmers. The major active part of the beneficiary is sugarcane Mills and equally, benefit payable to the farmers. Farmers no need to wait for till the crop comes to hands for selling. After a certain duration, they can able to sell the crop to the nearby sugarcane Mills directly.

Transportation and other charges will be zero, this implies farmers will get more benefit I’d rather than going for other crops. To encourage farmers government authorities also provides various kinds of benefits and discounts on seeds and compost.

Eligibility and conditions applying for Crop Scheme “SUBACS”

There is no reserve location for doing sugarcane cropping. All the farmers are eligible to go with sugarcane cropping but depend on the locality and the region sugar cane mill owners will provide few benefits to the farmers like three transportation and middle of the crop buying process. Irrespective of the location and other criteria sugar mill owners and courageous to buy the crop. Agriculture department supervisor will give a complete guidance from the day 1 to till the crop completes for getting better output.

Required documents

There is no documentation process or any application process required for doing sugarcane cropping. To avail, additional benefits of sugarcane cropping the farmers have to contact with local Gram Panchayat or department of agriculture authority only. They will guide with a proper officer meant to be done for availing additional offers and benefits can avail.
In some cases, former scandal approaches directly to the sugarcane mill owners for buying the crop. In this case, the farmers can be benefited both the sides, they can get benefits from the government authorities and the price can be fixed with sugarcane mill owner. Transportation facility can be waived off by sugarcane mill owners based on the location and the distance.

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Crop Scheme "SUBACS" - Sustainable Development Of Sugarcane Based Cropping System

Contact details

The farmers who are doing sugarcane crop can directly approach the sugarcane mill owner or else agricultural department authority’s however available in the villages or else Gram Panchayat office for taking additional advantages in selling sugarcane crop. Also can get benefits like What kind of techniques to be followed for betterment in sugarcane crop and also any other changes to be done during the period of sugarcane cropping.

Haryana Govt. Crop Scheme “SUBACS” PDF

Some important links

Official website:- https://archive.india.gov.in/citizen/agriculture/viewscheme.php?schemeid=740


SUBACS Scheme is the developer and implementing majorly for the purpose of Banking awareness in agricultural farmers who are forming nearby the locality of sugarcane males and also to encourage them to crop sugarcane for better prophets. By bringing awareness about sugarcane crop and advantages with sugarcane crop nearby sugarcane mills the productivity of sugarcane which will fulfill the requirement of sugarcane Mills and also both sides will be benefited. The complete benefits and subsidies according to the scheme will be provided to the farmers and to get the better cropping of sugarcane system. The overall structure built in 2000 and the program is running in a positive approach. The agriculture and some systems are working smoothly towards providing the complete requirement and needs of farmers to do sugarcane cropping.

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