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 Haryana Bhulekh

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The Haryana government is providing the online facility to check the detail online with the help of the online portal. The online portal being launched to reduce the problems of the people who have to wait too long in the queue outside the offices of the government official such as patwari tehsildar to know about the detail of their land and also if they have to transfer the land to another person they have to visit the offices regularly to meet the official for the same procedure. Now the solution to all those problems has been made by the government as the government has started the portal for the service of the public.

The detail provided at the Bhulekh

The Bhulekh is the online portal which provides the solution for checking the land details online easily with a single click and you can check the various details about your land such as Haryana account means your land record, Can check the Khatauni number, Khewat, Hilla number and can also get the Nakal of your Jamabandi. You can also verify the detail of Apna Khata, Khewat and Khatuni online

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How the to get detail at Bhulekh?

To get the land record online you can either download the app from the link provided or visit the official site get the app as you can check the detail on your smartphone with the help of the Android app.

Haryana Your Account – Land Records Online

To get your land record at the app of Bhulekh or portal follow the steps as given below :

  • Open the portal of Bhulekh. The official site of the  Haryana Jamabandi appears the image is also given below for your assistance.
  • Select your state.
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  • Select your District.
  • Select your Village.
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  • Submit the detail by clicking on the Submit button.

 Haryana Khatooni, Hita number

The process of getting the Khatooni number is same almost as mentioned earlier in the above steps as you have to repeat again the few steps if you want to check the Khatooni or the Hita number online on the Bhulekh Portal. As the number of time, you want to check anything you have to first perform the initial steps such as selecting the state, district, and village.

  • Select your state.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Village.
  • Submit the detail by clicking on the Submit button
  • Select the owner list.
  • Select the owner type
  • Find out your name.
  • Wait until the page is reloaded as it can take some time.
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Haryana Junkyard copy online on Bhulekh

Now the procedure of how to get the Junkyard copy or Nakal of your Jamabandi will be described as many of the people don’t know how to get the online copy of Jamboree in Haryana. Check the following steps carefully to understand each step.

  1. Open the link given along or visit the Bhulekh Haryana for Jamabandi detail or copy.
  2. Again select the name of your state, district, tehsil and the village.
  3. Then click on the “Issuing Authority”, as in most cases it is tehsildar so select “Tehsildar”
  4. Select “Junket” option.
  5. Then enter the details asked.
  6. Enter the duplicate number, name, base number, address, farm/ measles/account etc what so ever detail asked.
  7.  Enter the detail and now enter the Captcha code.
  8. To submit the file select the “submit” option.
  9. You will now be able to get the detail in the form of Pdf.

Get online duplication of Jamabandi Nakal

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If you want to get the copy online of the Jamabandi in Haryana, you can check the steps outlined below as all the information will be clear to you in the following steps. You can get the copy online either by the owner name, Khewat number or by the Khasra number whatever you have you can make use of it to get the Jamabandi copy online.

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  • After selecting the above option, anyone from the above.
  • Now you select the name of your state, district, tehsil and the village.
  • Then click on the “Issuing Authority”, as in most cases it is tehsildar so select “Tehsildar”
  • Select the ” wait” option.
  • Then enter the details asked.
  •  Enter the detail and now enter the Captcha code.
  • To submit the file select the “submit” option.

Property registration

You can also get the detail about the property registration on the portal as you can perform all sort of tasks such as deed registration as the option is provided at the portal and the basic document needed are listed below and the image is also provided for your assistance about the deed registration at the portal. You can also get the pdf of the deed registration and its checklist with documents on the page below.

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  • Proof Of Ownership
  • Identification Of TheParties
  • Registration Of Document ThroughPower Of Attorney
  • NOC Required U/S7(A)
  • Witness

PDF OF property registration detail– Click on the link to get the pdf about the property registration. You can either view it online or you also download it for further use.


Query at Bhulekh

You can get the detail of the ownership, Kashatkar Details, Makbuja Details, Total Land, Irrigation Details, Majrua Land Details, Gair Majrua Land Details, and Khewat/Khatoni Detail all such type of information at the Bhulekh as the image is also given below for your assistance

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The detail of the mutation of the property means who is the owner of the property can also be known from the page of the Bhulekh as the portal is the only one complete solution to all your problems faced to check anything or know about the landowner or property mutation. The image is also given below to guide you how you can check the mutation detail by filling the essential detail asked at the page.

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Bhulekh Mobile app

You can download the Bhulekh app from the link given along to ease to access for getting the land record with a single touch. You can download the app and install it easily and the working of the app is also very easy to use, understand to get the detail of your land.




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