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Har Ghar Bijli Yojana!

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Recently launched on the 15th of February under the Chief Minister of Bihar under the Saat Nischay portfolio and known as the “Har Ghar Bijli Yojana”. The scheme is to be implemented on the prioritised basis.


What is the aim of the yojana?

  • This is to provide electricity in practically every household in the State of Bihar. As there are many houses that in Bihar that have to be deprived of the benefits.
  • The scheme also aims to achieve and provide connections to over 50 lakh households. The implementation of the scheme would be done by the beginning of 2018.
  • The scheme targets not just the urban population but the rural population and areas as well especially the poor families apart from the families that are being covered by the Deen Upadhyay Gram Yojana.
  • The state consists of more than 50% of the above poverty level homes that are being barren of electricity. Even these houses would be considered under the free electricity scheme.


How much would it cost to setup a connection?

  • The connection under the scheme will be of no cost at all.
  • It would provide free installation to the beneficiaries under the scheme.
  • The electricity bill would be paid monthly.


What if I do not require the connection?

  • If the connection is not required then you must write out a reason to the state.
  • Additional measures will be taken according to the requirements.


However, it is encouraged to take the electricity provided by the state. This is a stand-alone scheme that aims to provide a better level of power availability in the state. It also ensures a better infrastructure along with a better level of the lifestyle of the citizens and would allow them to take advantage of the scheme.

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