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Domicile Certificate Gujarat

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The domicile certificate is the legal document which is for the certification for the resident of the individual at a particular state or region. The certificate is required to claim the benefit of various schemes launched by the State or the central government. The concerned department in the state issue the domicile to the individual after the process of verification done by the department. The resident of Gujarat can also avail the domicile certificate living in the towns or the villages no matters it is compulsory for each one resident of the state so that the government can also get the data of the people to register who are the permanent resident of the state. The Gujarat government works for the convenience of the public every then and now so the task of getting the domicile issued to you become more easy with the online facility of applying the domicile certificate as the government has started an online portal named Digital Gujarat which aims to provide the residents of the Gujarat state under one portal.

In the article below you will gain more about the domicile certificate Gujarat, eligibility to get the domicile certificate Gujarat, Gujarat domicile documents and the procedure to apply the domicile at the Digital Gujarat portal. So read the article thoroughly to gain more about the Domicile certificate as it will be an informative article in case you are to know the procedure of the Domicile Certificate.

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Benefits of Obtaining Domicile Certificate

The domicile certificate has the following mentioned benefits which you should be aware of if you are interested to obtain the Domicile certificate. so check the advantages of the Domicile certificate as follows:

  • The individual should have the domicile if you are to prove your residence.
  • You require domicile certificate Gujarat to get the benefit of various government schemes.
  • The Domicile certificate is also required if you want to apply for the scholarships in the educational institutions.
  • To avail the jobs you have to represent the Residence proof so you require Domicile certificate.

The state government of Gujarat has also made it mandatory to have the Domicile certificate if you are to get admission in any of the medical or the Paramedical courses and is also applicable for the Courses related to Dental, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy.

Eligibility Criteria for Domicile certificate Gujarat

If you are interested to apply the Domicile certificate Gujarat then you should check the eligibility criteria to know whether you are eligible to get the domicile of the state and if yes then check what is the eligibility condition you have to fulfil to get the Domicile issue to you.

Check the points as follows for the Eligibility Criteria:

  • The candidate applying for the Domicile certificate Gujarat should be the permanent residence of the Gujarat state.
  • The applicant should be living in that place for more than 10 years then only he will be eligible to get the resident proof.
  • The applicant if own any immovable property in the Gujarat state then he has to represent the Copy of Record of rights to be submitted in the concerned department.
  • The women who are married to an individual of the state can apply for the residence proof.
  • It is compulsory to avail the domicile certificate if you are in regular government service in Gujarat state.
  • To get the domicile issue to you, you have to represent the affidavit or the self-declaration form along the Application form.

Note:- According to the rules an individual can apply for the Domicile of only one state and where it is permanently living, The individual cannot get the domicile in case you have not surrendered the domicile of another state.

Gujarat domicile documents

The Gujarat domicile documents which you should have in case you have to apply the domicile certificate of the Gujarat state so check the list of the Gujarat domicile documents to know whether you have the documents which are required to apply the Domicile certificate Gujarat.

a) Address proof – (Anyone from following)

b) Identity Proof ( Anyone from following)

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Or any other photo id card

c) Proof Needed In Service Attachment

  • Panchnamu can be attached
  • Certificate of Talati
  • Birth Certificate or mark sheet of class 10th
  • Last ten years residence proof

Domicile Certificate Issuing Authority in the State of Gujarat

The applicant can visit the Mamlatdar who is the head of Taluka to get the application form and to apply for the Domicile certificate as he is responsible for issuing the domicile certificate only to the eligible candidates and after the process of verification of documents and the application form.

Application form Domicile Certificate Gujarat

In case you are interested to apply offline for the domicile certificate you can apply by making use of the application form Domicile certificate which is given below for the assistance of the reader at the page. As the application form is in the form of Pdf you can make use of it by downloading it or viewing it online. You can download the application form and fill it and submit it to the concerned department to get the Domicile issued to you.

Make use of the Application form Domicile Certificate pdf.

Apply online for Gujarat Residence Certificate/ Domicile Certificate

You can also apply online for Gujarat Residence certificate/ Domicile certificate as mentioned earlier in the starting of the article that the Gujarat government has started the online facility of applying online for various government services under a single window service. You can apply for the Domicile certificate at the official portal of Digital Gujarat.

Either you can visit the Digital Gujarat portal or you can make use of the link given below to get direct access to the Online portal.  Click on the link given along.

Reference Image:

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  • Click on the service option.
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  • Then click on the citizen service option on the screen.
  • Then the list of services available online appears.
  • You can also directly click on the revenue department to save time searching the Domicile certificate application, in case you are interested to apply for a temporary residence certificate.
  • Click on the domicile certificate.
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  • Then the instruction will appear.
  • You can also download the application form from there if you are to apply offline.
  • Click on apply online option.

Online registration Digital portal

To online registration digital Portal Click here

Reference Image:

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Then the citizen registration page appears. You have to register yourself at the Digital Gujarat portal then only you can apply online.

Login to Digital Portal

To Login click here

Reference Image:

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If you have registered user then login to the Digital Gujarat portal.

  • Select the login type
  • Enter the login username.
  • Enter the password.
  • Enter the Captcha code.
  • Then click on the Login option.

Apply online

  • Select the language type.
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  • The Application number will be generated at popup on the screen.
  • Then click on the Continue option.
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  • Enter the application number to continue the apply online Domicile certificate Gujarat.
  • Then click on update profile and then enter the information asked.
  • Enter the all necessary details.
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  • Then upload the Documents asked on the page.
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  • After the process of uploading submits the application form by clicking on the submit option.
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Contact Info

Collector & District Magistrate

Collector Office, B/S RTO Office, Subhash Bridge,
Ahmedabad – 380027
Phone : +(91)-(79)-27561970, 27561971, 27561972, 27561973, 27561974, 27561975, 27561976, 27561977

Digital Gujarat help desk no: 1800 233 5500(Toll-free)

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