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Green Urban Transport Scheme

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Global warming becomes a hot topic in the recent years as greenhouse effects are fading because of the pollution released by humans, transport vehicles, red alert has been On accounting to that, the government of India introduced a new scheme called the Green Urban Transport Scheme under which the air pollution caused due to the transportation would be reduced to a considerable amount. Green Urban Transport Scheme is otherwise called GUTS to put it plainly, which for the most part concentrates on lessening the emanation of unsafe carbon gas from the transportation, particularly from government claimed transport offices. Under this plan, the administration intends to dispatch an eco–friendly transportation office which keeps running without harming climatic conditions.


Objective of the scheme

The main aim is to reduce the emission of Carbon in transport vehicles. In this plan focal government, India intends to dispatch new open transport offices which transmit a low level of carbon gas simply like metro rails, transport offices which are non–motorized in urban territories the country over. The Initial Invested Amount by Government in this project is Rs.25, 000 Crores and government also seeks private Investment along with government’s Initial investment

Benefits of Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)

  1. GUTS are completely highlighted with Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  2. Benefits of Hi-tech facilities in public transport vehicles under the Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)
  3. Benefits of efficient public transport vehicles
  4. Benefits to reduce the emission of Carbon in transport vehicles which is good for health

Features of Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)

  • Vehicles introduced under this Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS) are to be fully featured with Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  • Government plans to place various hi-tech facilities in public transport vehicles under the Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS) like Free Wi-Fi and so
  • Features like ITS and placing hi-tech facilities in public transport vehicles, it will encourage more people to make use of public transports rather than preferring individual or private mode of transport
  • The central government has allotted Rs. 25000 crore to run Green Urban Mobility Scheme for the urban communities of whole nation

Qualification for Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)

Urban ranges must have populace of over 5 Lakh are qualified to actualize Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS)

How has the Green Urban Transport Scheme been Implemented?

  1. The scheme mainly focuses on urban areas in which the transportation infrastructure going to be upgraded with the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) by doing so, respective government officials believe that people would prefer public transport instead of preferring individual mode to travel which would cost lot of pollution
  2. Under this scheme, Urban cities which have a total population of over 5 Lakh are considered for this Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS) by doing so, public transportation would get an increase when compared with the past.
  3. Because of the usage of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the proposed Green Urban Transport Scheme (GUTS) explorers get hello tech includes in broad daylight transport framework
  4. Government Investment in Green Urban Transport Scheme: Rs.25, 000 Crores

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