Govt simplifies GSTR-3B Filling Process

Govt simplifies GSTR-3B filling process
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

GST return filling becomes tougher these days due to less knowledge or having a problem in filling return. By virtue of this Government decided to make easier and user-friendly process of filing GSTR-3B for entrepreneurs or businessman. Majorly auto filled tax option also generated after putting CGST or SGCT,  Which will help the users to file tax in a very easy manner? Now the taxpayer is able to file tax liabilities before filling the return.To generate challan the process becomes easier after calculating tax credit challan will generate automatically. Drafts can also be downloaded easily.GSTN had made some crucial changes in the process of filling GSTR. Most of the taxpayer usually do mistake in input tax credit computation now due to the new process it also becomes easier and user-friendly.

GSTR simplifies


  • To make GSTR easy and user-friendly.
  • Solve the errors in GST
  • To solve the problems of Taxpayer.

Significance and importance

As we know GST is now the only one platform to fill the tax. The whole process of GSTR is online, that’s why it is necessary to make the system more confinement, user-friendly. After GSTR-3B it will become easy so that every taxpayer can update their detail in a uniform and transparent manner. Almost all the difficulties become easier rather than the previous process.

GSTR-3B concept

  • Change in Tax payment mode –Previously there was no provision of change in the Post submission of Tax liability now it is possible through the change.
  • Change in  Challan generation mode  – Now taxpayer can easily make challans ae well as also can change credit utilization system. Whereas challan can be downloaded and generated easily.
  • Change in Download facility of draft return mode –Now Drafts can also be saved offline through the change which is very useful for future return perspectives.
  • Auto-fill of tax amount – Now taxpayer only needs to fill CGST or SGST the whole taxable amount filled automatically.

Govt. simplifies GSTR


By virtue of this change, the taxpayer can feel more comfortable in filing quarterly taxes. All difficulties become easier and user-friendly by new change was done under GSTR-3B

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