Govt. Recommend E-way Bill for Inter State Goods

Govt. recommend E-way bill
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

After the implementation of GST in India, it was the most prior step to implement E-way bill but it delayed. No again Govt of India tried to implement it from 1st April. due to lots of obstacles in the way of transportation the effective implementation of E-way bill is very important. To cross the check post it will destroy time as well as fuel. It will help for fast and easy transportation of goods from one state to another state. E-way bill will be applicable only to the goods of more than 50000 value by transporting from one state to another state. It will charge interstate tax through web-based or electronically. E-way bill is directly connected Goods and service tax system where GSTN is also required to fill E-way bill on a portal. It will help in tax losses and generate more with transparency.

Govt. recommend E-way bill


  • To ensure one bill for one country
  • Removal of interstate transit obstacles
  • To reduce the pressure on transit and excise barriers.
  • To generate indirect tax through a web or online or electronically.

Significance and importance

  • Transparency process of govt. for transporting goods from one state to another state.
  • It will save time and fuel
  • It will be easy to use and user-friendly
  • Fast and quick bill generation process.
  • The easy way to pay tax.
  • Govt will get more profit with the collection of proper tax.

Rules to follow

  • No bill will generate without vehicle number with consignment
  • Required GSTN for Generating e waybill
  • E-way bill valid for only one day.
  • Checking or inspection can be done by officer


How to generate E-way bill?

  • Enrollment can be done by PAN detail through web portal
  • In the next step, OTP will generate.
  • Enter business and transportation detail

e waybill


This process is very good for the transparent transportation system with the proper tax of goods to the govt. Govt must gear up the portal and server for fast better connectivity.

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