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Government of Maharashtra to Digitise the Schools by 2018

Government of Maharashtra to Digitize the Schools by 2018
Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The government of Maharashtra has decided to digitise every school across the rural and urban areas of the state by December 2018 to equip schools with modern technology and to make teaching interactive.

Government of Maharashtra to Digitize the Schools by 2018via

Highlights of the scheme

  • The scheme ensures quality education
  • 44,000 schools have been digitised so far in the state of Maharashtra
  • 50,000 and counting tech-savvy teachers are on training to meet the standards of the digital Maharashtra in schools and professional colleges

The objectives of the scheme

  • To reach a massive scale of digitising schools completely with online operations
  • To open the world of knowledge to the students uniformly across the rural and urban areas of Maharashtra
  • To restore the backbone of ancient India and its civilisation
  • To teach students from digital education to tribal education
  • To help the children of the tribal sectors of Maharashtra
  • The government wishes to digitise all 1 lakh schools in Maharashtra

Implementation of the scheme

The state would be bearing the entire expenses of the students, as well as the Dalit/tribal and other backwards class students would be given professional education in colleges on scholarships.

Benefits under the scheme

  • The beneficiaries would get world-class education under the scheme
  • The English medium schools or professional colleges would both provide a variety of courses under the scheme to all students
  • Education under the scheme would not encounter an increase in the fee


The scheme would help benefit the state’s rate of literacy and educate the lower cast people as well, this scheme would generate a world class development within India and increase the rate of employment as well as education related fields. This scheme if launched all over India would put India at the top of the charts within the World-Class Education criteria


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