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Online Marriage Certificate Or Marriage Teor Of Goa

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The government of Goa has started Online Process for the Marriage Certificate Or known as Marriage Teor in Goa. Marriage Certificate is a legal document which shows that a boy and a girl are legally married. You can get married according to the Hindu marriage or the special marriage under the act of Hindu marriage act, 1955 or the special marriage 1954. You can use a marriage certificate for many purposes.

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Benefits of Marriage Certificate or Marriage Teor of Goa

There are so many benefits of Marriage Certificate or Marriage Teor of Goa as given below

  • You can use Marriage Certificate as a legal proof to prove that marriage has happened
  • Marriage Certificate helps to widows to claim the legacy
  • Marriage Certificate make the minimum age for marriage to stop the child marriage
  • Marriage Certificate can also be used for the polygamy or bigamy
  • It works as a barrier to husband abandon their wives
  • Marriage Certificate helps women to utilize their rights of protection and for guardianship of children
  • Marriage Certificate can be used while applying for a passport service, visa to procure immigration benefits

Eligibility Criteria for Marriage Certificate Or Marriage Teor Goa

Any couple who wants to get the Marriage Certificate should have to fulfill the following conditions to obtain the Marriage Certificate  in Goa

  • The couple should be the resident of India to get the Marriage Certificate in Goa
  • At the time of Marriage Certificate Registration, the interested party should have a living spouse
  • The boy’s age should have 21 years and the girls age must be 18 years old at the time of marriage

Documents Required for Marriage Certificate or Marriage Teor of Goa

If you want to obtain the Marriage Certificate in Goa the following documents will be required

  • Application Form
  • Affidavit of the couples required in which the place of marriage, date, of marriage, marital status and nationality
  • Passport size photo and photograph of a marriage wedding invitation card
  • Residency proof of the aspirant
  • Birth Certificate for the age proof
  • Birth Certificate of the girl for age proof
  • The certificate by the priest if marriage happens at a temple
  • For divorced people, the order of divorce and verified copy of the death certificate is required in case of a widower/widow

Obtain a Marriage Certificate Under the Hindu Marriage Act

  • Interested parties who want to get the Marriage Certificate have to apply to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage has been residing at least for six months immediately preceding the date of marriage
  • Both the interested parties have to appear before the Registrar along with their parents or guardians or witnesses within one month from the date of marriage. You can also register your marriage in the Goa state even after the 5 years of marriage but that would be under the delayed registration and you have to submit the fine along the affidavit of delayed registration reason.

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 Goa Marriage Certificate/ Marriage Teor Goa

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The written notice is required to be submitted to the second schedule to the Marriage officer of the district. It is compulsory for one of the party has to preside over a period of 30 days from the date of application submitted for the registration purpose. An affidavit is also required along the notice, the affidavit in the eligible format to the Marriage officer. Then after the notice for the claims or the objection will be issued by the Marriage officer in the Home district of both the girl and the boy and the people related can register the claim or the objection within a month of the notice issued for claims or objection by the Marriage officer. No objection thereafter would be considered by the marriage officer. If no claims or objections are received within the specified time of one-month form Marriage Officers at Home District, the marriage is residing and registered in the court of Marriage Officer, in presence of 3 witnesses under Special Marriage Act,1954

How to Apply for Marriage Certificate or Marriage Teor of Goa

If you want to apply for the Marriage Certificate or Marriage Teor in Goa then, first of all, you have to open the official website of Goa given along https://www.goa.gov.in/index.php

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  • Now click on Departments option
  • Select the Registration Department option and you will see a picture of the application form as given below for reference
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  • Now click on the Download option and download the form in PDF form you can see in the picture given below for reference

  • Now you have to fill the application form and submit it to the Marriage Officer of the District Magistrate & Collector along with the necessary documents.

Note- Marriage certificate is valid for the lifetime issued in the name of the candidate.

Offline registration marriage certificate Goa

If you are to apply the offline registration marriage certificate Goa then you should be aware of the procedure of offline registration marriage certificate Goa. You can visit the official site of the marriage registration to get the application form or you can also get the application form below.

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Application form Marriage certificate Goa

To get the application form Marriage Certificate Goa, make use of the link given below. You can download the application form or you can view the Application form marriage certificate Goa online.

Goa-Marriage-Certificate form pdf

  • Download the application form from the above link.
  • Fill the application form.
  • Attach the documents mentioned above.
  • Submit the application form to the Marriage registrar office or the district collector office.
  • You will be given the acknowledgment slip

Contact Info

Contact person- Shri. Ashutosh Apte
State Registrar and Notary Service

Address-Office of State Registrar-cum-Head of Notary Services,
Shramshakti Bhavan, 7th Floor,
Patto, Panaji, Tiswadi – Goa
Pincode: 403001

Phone– +91 832 2437136

Fax- +91 832 2437133

Email id- [email protected]

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