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Money Back from Chit Fund


As people from small business invest money in the PACL India Limited’s. Investment scheme Pearls as good news for the investor. Now people can get the money back. Justice RM Lodha Committee is investigating the complete matter. As they have decided to get the money back by claiming by filing for it. Information is given by the Market regulator Sebi. If you want to get the money back, you have to visit the official site.


Procedure to Register

How to register for a Claim?

You have to register at the official site for the calming of the money back. For the process of registration, the contender has to enter the  PACL registration number twice and enter the mobile number. Thereafter a password is generated, as soon you enter for the registration. In order to visit the side, you have to enter the PACL number and this password to login to the official account.

To claim your money.

  • Enter the name as written on PACL’s certificate.
  • Enter the amount invested with the name.
  • Thereafter you have to enter the Bank details, such as account.
  • Then write the PAN Card Number.

Which is the last date to claim?

Last date to claim

SEBI has ordered to give no original documents of investment for the investor Pearls. No one should be given these documents. The SEBI has shared the videos on the topic to get the money back by applying for it. The videos are available in Hindi and English. Videos are available on youtube. The last date to claim for the money is April 30, 2019. As it becomes important for the investors to claim the money back before the concerned date.

Documents Required

Which documents are required to claim the money?

The following are the documents for the claiming of the money back from the Chit fund. Check the details or name of the documents as follows:

  1. PAN Card Photocopy.
  2. Recent Photographs
  3. Copy of PACL Certificate
  4. Copy of Cashless Check
  5. Banker’s Certificate
  6. PACL receipts (if any)

The documents name as above. You can upload them in any of the formats of PDF, JPG or JPEG format. GPI of 200 and Black white form of uploading the documents. In case you don’t have the documents. You can access the site by entering the information you have. Thereafter you can file for the claiming of the money. As on successful uploading of the documents. The contender will get an Anonymity Receipt number. It will indicate that application by you has been made.

No PAN Card

What to do in case you don’t have a PAN Card?

In case you don’t have the PAN Card. Then you have to get the PAN Card before applying it. The Nominee can claim the money back from the chit fund if the account holder of the PACL has died. Information regarding the claiming of money back will be given shortly as per the SEBI.

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Helpline Number

Investors having any doubts can call  on the helpline number 022-61216966

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