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General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects – PDF, Contact Details

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General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects – The General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative projects has an objective of upcoming schemes for woman and child. The meeting of the project sanctioning committee was held in 2010, as the project was taken under the General Grant in Aid Scheme for innovative projects.

Benefits of the scheme

The scope of this meeting is to give the benefit to child labor and women labor. In order to take action on this, the ministry of labor has to finance, voluntary organizations by way of grant in aid scheme for innovative projects. The main agenda of the scheme to eradicate the child labor and socio-economic compulsions. The government is looking to start the policy to give good future to child labor and prohibit child labor in hazardous employment. Also, government scheme is to provide the good working conditions and provide employment opportunities.

The main purpose of the scheme is to get the child labor into existence and provide them all available welfare inputs to child labor through voluntary organizations. Also, the scheme is consisting welfare for independence women.

General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects

The scheme of innovative projects to provide the equal importance for a woman, the basic factor is to provide equal status in economic growth. The current scheme for the welfare of the individual women to make them participate actively in social economic development.

The government has implemented this objective to achieve the development of the women cell in the ministry of labor, to encourage this the voluntary agencies and non-governmental agencies are come forward to formulate income-generating schemes.

Eligibility for this Scheme

For applying for this scheme there are some eligibility criteria where an organization and voluntary organization should be possessed.

  • An Organization should be trust registered under any law for a time being in action.
  • An organization should be a registered under trade union.
  • An organization should be charitable company licensed under Section 25 of the Companies
  • University or institutions of higher learning can also eligible to apply for this scheme as an organization.

Thus, the above are the eligibility criteria for applying for an organization and in case of a voluntary organization following are the eligibility criteria.

General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects

Required Documents

The organization which is applying for the projects for child labor or woman labor, have to submit their application i.e form 1 for central assistance to concerned state government. Based on this the ministry of labor will consider the proposal. while the applicant needs to eligible for the all the following criteria. The committee will be headed by the joint secretary, in-charge of woman and child labor, ministry of labor and would include some representatives from the department of women and child development and elementary education also with following officials like the government of India and financial advisor or his representative. For more details, you can follow here.

How to Apply

Organizations those who are seeking for this scheme need to apply in the prescribed format with all required documents mentioned above. Also for more information, you can follow the official adv. Released by the Grant in Aid. Organizations can check the PDG from page 8 and need to submit the following papers like a copy of the certificate of registration. Copy of Prospectus, Constitutions of the board of management and annual report of the previous year along with the receipts and payments accounts or income and expenditure accounts. Also, it’s an added advantage if your organization is recommended by any state government.

General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects

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General Grant in Aid Scheme for Innovative Projects PDF


The scheme will be running based on the financial assistance to the child labor and women labor. the welfare of the child labor will be done through the special schools and provide welfare schemes like formal education, stipend, vocational training, provision of health care and nutrition. By waking them with legal aid to working women.They will be conducting some seminars, workshops etc. for the welfare of women development and raising the general consciousness of the society. They will keep aware of the problems of women labor and empowerment.

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