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Gaurav Nari Niti Yojana-Gujarat

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The Ministry of Women and Child Development has started a new scheme named ‘Gaurav Nari Niti Scheme’ in Gujarat. Under this scheme, the state government is focusing on gender equality, so that men and women should be treated equally in social, economic and all other aspects of society, not discrimination on the basis of gender. Under the Gaurav Nari Niti Policy in Gujarat, it will be ensured that women should be treated equally and women should be given every service, facility and so on. With the support of the State Government, the construction of economic environment, health and quality of life, non-violence, education, advocacy and other capacities etc.


Features of the Gaurav Nari Niti Yojana

  • The main focus of this scheme is to empower women of Gujarat.
  • This scheme encourages women to contract agriculture, agricultural services, processing, dairy and poultry and agricultural products etc.
  • So that they participate in activities like marketing and in this plan it will be ensured that all the women of Gujarat can get benefits through this scheme.

Objectives of the Gaurav Nari Niti Yojana

  • The scheme offers special financial assistance to build a strong nation with women empowerment
  • Promote the talent that women share as one and put an end to biased and inequality against women in the nation
  • The scheme would provide financial assistance to the women that come from all the districts
  • To encourage women to do well and stand up to compete in today’s society as well as bring them up to a point where they can stand on their own two feet not having to be dependent on others.
  • Building them a platform to work on their own skills and show them off.
  • Not having to depend on others for anything
  • To protect women against crime, health and environmentally faced challenges
  • To encourage and assist them to allow their knowledge and skills build further on and save up for whatever women would choose for.

Benefits of the Gaurav Nari Niti Plan in Gujarat

  • Providing a better economic environment for women.
  • Strengthen and upgrade technical enterprise and managerial skills of artisan and poor women and inefficient non-young women through special training courses with the help of NGOs, cooperatives, and private bodies.
  • Scheme for promoting institutions for women with employment information.
  • Planning for hostels for women working in all districts and major cities.
  • To set up a scheme SHG fund to support women co-operative societies and enable them to start economic activities.
  • Scheme for encouraging cooperative and nationalized banks to provide loans to women SHGs for agriculture, forest and non-agricultural income generating activities.
  • To reduce the incidents of violence against women, to train a large group of existing social workers and to provide systematic protection to such victims of violence.

Eligibility criteria for the Gaurav Nari Niti Plan

  • Only can a female resident of Gujarat is eligible for this scheme.
  • The uneducated, poor, unskilled women living in rural or urban areas are eligible for the benefits of this scheme.

Necessary documents that may be required to avail for the Gaurav Nari Niti Yojana

  • Residence certificate, electricity bill etc.
  • Aadhar card, voter identity etc.
  • BPL Card (if available)
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size picture
  • Note: Whether or not the document is required, but the applicants have to keep the documents.

How to apply for the Gaurav Nari Niti Yojana?

To avail full benefit from the scheme, the applicant has to get in touch with the nearest department of women and child development. No specific application process has been mentioned. The women and child development department is the nodal agency for the implementation of the scheme.

Reference and details

More information about this scheme can be obtained from the nearest women and child development department.

Contact information

Applicants can contact the nearest department of women and child development for more information.


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