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Gas Bhagya Scheme-Karnataka

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The state government of Karnataka has announced a new scheme named ‘Gas Bhagya Yojana’ for women. Under this scheme, the state government provides cooking stoves and free LPG gas to the woman, which is related to BPL below the poverty line. This scheme is likely to benefit about 40% of the households of approximately 10 million BPL (BPL) in Karnataka state. This scheme helps women who used to cook kerosene oil, wood, paper, and dung farming using residue and crop residues. The main objective of this scheme is to provide a non-smoking and healthy environment for women across the country. Many women across the country are still facing bad health effects due to the smoke emitted by burning fire burning wood in this modern era.

Many families in Karnataka were facing health hazards from the financially vulnerable sections (EWS) unless they had to cook on traditional huts. The Government took a very good initiative and provided them a non-smoking and healthy environment with the help of free gas stove and LPG gas connection in the state. The goal of the government is to empower women and protect their health and to reduce the serious health risks associated with fossil fuel based cooking


Benefits of the Gas Bhagya Scheme

Advantages of cooking stoves and free LPG gas connection in the state. Benefits of the non-smoking and healthy environment during cooking for women of BPL families.

Eligibility for the Gas Bhagya Scheme

Applicant should be a resident of Karnataka State. Women who fall below the poverty line (BPL) are eligible for free LPG gas connection.

Essential documents required to apply under the Gas Bhagya Scheme

Identity card such as Aadhar card BPL card residence certificate

Who will back the plan?

The plan is being backed by the state government and as informed by the government, the aid provided by the central government is not being utilized here. Is this the route forward for the country?

The plan will clearly profit many individuals however as we would like to think, the state government should work in synchronization with the local government and the current plans ought to be adjusted to give the most extreme advantages. The scheme seems to be like running a competition between the state and central government whereas, the government should be working together to deliver the benefits to the people.

How to Apply for the Gas Bhagya Scheme?

The applicant should be related to Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti and Zilla Parishad and taluka district in Karnataka. The applicant can also collector’s office in the state

Reference and Details

For more information on Gas Fate Scheme


Contact the Government of Karnataka Department of Energy



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