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The Swayam portal started by the Central government which has more than 2000 courses has added more courses to the database. List of upcoming Swayam courses can view on the official website.

Under the Swayam portal, students can register themselves and can access all the courses for free. The Swayam initiative has been introduced to educate the people who live in remote places and don’t have access to study material.

Digitization of the course and making them freely available through a portal is the best solution to reach out to the people in remote areas especially the youth population in the remote areas.

The completion of these courses will provide employment opportunities and will help an individual to gain more knowledge about a particular subject.  

The Swayam portal is a kind of hub which provides free courses to the people across the country. All the courses are regularly updated, and new courses are added from time to time.

Swayam is a distance learning platform for everyone. There is an age bar for getting enrolled in the course, only registration is required. Swayam online courses range from class 9 to post-graduation.

All the courses are designed/prepared with help of best teachers in the country. More than 1,000 teachers across the country have participated in preparing the Swayam online courses.

List of upcoming Swayam courses

The Swayam online courses are available in four formats, these formats are:

  1. Video Lectures / Video series
  2. Downloadable and printed material
  3. Self-assessments test / Quizzes
  4. Online discussions

The Swayam platform is developed by AICTE and MHRD with the help of Microsoft. More than 2000 courses and 8000 hours of learning is hosted on the Swayam portal.

Swayam portal can be accessed using the official website http://swayam.gov.in The government has also introduced the Swayam app for Android, iOS and Windows users. Using the app one can access course materials anywhere at any time.

Students and teachers can access courses as per their requirement and interests. The registration on the Swayam portal is completely free. For more about registration and courses visit Swayam online course

The registration can also be done using social media platforms like Facebook, Google, etc.

Till now more than 60,000 students have registered for Swayam online courses. As the courses are an added number of students are interested in learning.

The Swayam courses list is divided into 5 main categories which include School, Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate. Undergraduate category offers higher number (963Courses) of course followed by Post Graduate which offers 358 different courses in different streams.

The list of upcoming course can be accessed on the official website. All the Swayam online courses are prepared by experienced teachers.


You can access the courses category wise such as Engineering, Law, Management, Science and Art, Commerce, Mathematics, Library and information science, language, etc.

Courses can also be accessed by using filters such as learning path, course ratings, faculties, universities, etc.

The course can be accessed by both students and teachers. Teachers can access the course which will help them to gain more knowledge about the subject.

A teacher can submit their course idea on the Swayam portal. For teacher login and password is provided once they are registered.

After completion of the course, you can opt for a certificate for which a minimal fee needs to be paid. The certificate can be used further for job purposes.

More than 600 faculty member and 800 universities are associated with Swayam program. There are more faculty member and universities that are becoming part of the Swayam initiative.

To access all the faculty members you can go through https://swayam.gov.in/Faculty and for universities associated you can go through https://swayam.gov.in/Universities

All SWAYAM online courses are produced and delivered by NPTEL for engineering, UGC for post-graduation education, CEC for undergraduate education, NCERT & NIOS for school education, IGNOU for out of the school students and IIMB for management studies.

In the future, there will be an addition of much more courses in different categories. Do check out the official website http://swayam.gov.in to remain updated.

We highly recommend opting for the course in which you are interested. Also, share about Swayam online courses to your friends so that they are also benefitted.

If you have any question related to list of upcoming Swayam courses, then comment down below or you can contact us.

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