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Free Mobile Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs in Jharkhand

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The state government has announced a free mobile scheme for Women Entrepreneurs in Jharkhand. The Jharkhand government would distribute 1 Lakh free smartphones to women Entrepreneurs under the scheme. The scheme would be aimed at boosting Digital India initiative. The chief minister of Jharkhand Mr Raghubar Das announced this scheme of distribution of free mobiles for one lakh women entrepreneurs.
Women Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the rural economy in the state and the free mobile scheme will help digitisation of the state and be making it a cashless economy. The government wants to prepare 4,80,000 women entrepreneurs and strengthen them.

Confident and responsible women who are converting their creativity into business definitely need recognition for the great work they are doing. Even when the urban areas have reached equality to a great extent but women in small towns still don’t get privilege and respect for their work.


This is a huge step taken by the government which will boost the confidence of our hard working women entrepreneurs



• The state government through the free mobile scheme aims to make the women digitally literate and economically strong.
• A great step towards digitisation
• Ensure the success of cashless Jharkhand campaign.
• Motivate the women entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our villages.
• Encourage women to keep moving ahead as the Constitution of India grants equivalent rights to both males and females. So the state government of Jharkhand will provide mobile phones soon under this free mobile scheme.


• Recognition of women who are adding to the economy of our country
• One step closer to the cashless economy
• Strengthen women
• Digitisation of the rural areas


We are proud of our women showing up and growing in a very positive and economical manner. The government has taken a very crucial step. When it comes to rural areas, women are the first one to sacrifice their basic needs for their family. We hope this scheme eradicates this and women become more confident and successful.

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