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Fortified Mid-Day Meal Programme for Students-Tripura

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

The Tripura government has launched a programme in collaboration with TATA Trust to distribute fortified meals in all schools so that all students are covered under the health benefits.

Under the programme, the government will try to provide fortified meals to students in order to remove or reduce the cases of disorders like stunting, overweight and anaemia.These disorders are the major causes of maternal and child deaths as stated by the Tripura Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty after launching the programme.

Under Fortified Mid-Day Meal Program Tripura students will get healthy food. The poor students of Tripura who will study in government schools now they will get nutrition food by the government. The government has launched this scheme to protect the health of students by providing nutrition food.

About 70 per cent of pre-school children and over 50 per cent of women suffer from anaemia, caused by iron deficiency, National Survey data show.



  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushed the idea of universal fortification in January 2016.  Universal fortification includes the addition of key vitamin and minerals to foods to improve their nutritional value and address nutritional gaps in the population.
  •  The aim of the  Centre is to achieve the target of universal availability of fortified food by 2020. The plan of supplying such items is through the public distribution system and the open market.


Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty said that the government wants to remove various diseases from the state like Anaemia, Stunting, Overweight, etc by providing healthy food to students under Fortified Mid-Day Meal Program Tripura. These diseases are major causes of child and maternal death.


  •  The government want to protect the students from these dangerous diseases.
  •  In the National Survey Date of government around 70% of students and 50% of women have been suffering from Anaemia due to iron deficiency.
  •  The government will provide healthy food to students to decrease the iron deficiency under Fortified Mid-Day Meal Program Tripura.
  •  In the first phase of Fortified Mid-Day Meal Program, Tripura government will distribute double fortified salt meal to students of the state.
  •  The state government also wants to protect students health from Anaemia by providing fortified meal under this scheme.


The poor schools and children of Tripura were not able to follow a healthy diet because of economic reasons and this lead to many diseases. To eradicate this problem, the government launched this scheme which provides them basic facilities and also keeps them fit and healthy.

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