FIR First Information Report

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FIR is abbreviated as the First Information Report as it is the Official document which prepared by the Police organization. The information of the cognizable misdeed received by the police. It is about the information given by the victim about the crime or any other person on the behalf of the Victim can also approach the Police station nearby and can give information either in verbally or in writing. The information was given to the respective police station and the official present over there will be kept in a record and on the basis of the information the Investigation of the Crime or the offense is done by the police officer.

FIR serves as the important document for the police to begin the investigation by registering the Information given by the victim and the Justice for the victim can be obtained.

As per the Law, FIR should be registered by the Police in the following cases:

  • You can give the information about any of the cognizable offense can be given in verbal or in writing.
  • The data are given or by complaint registered should be read out to the person who is registering the information.
  •  As soon the information registered by the Police official the candidate registering the FIR has to sign the FIR.
  • The candidate will also be given the Copy of the FIR

FIR include the data of date, time, place, detail, description.

The Information about the process of recording the FIR in your state can be known as the candidate can access the information to record the FIR of nay of the criminal offense by making use of the information given. As you can access the information to register the FIR state or UT as the information is given in the table.

check the list of  state and UT wise FIR as follow: State Name FIR
1 Andhra Pradesh Click Here
2 Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
3 Assam Click Here
4 Bihar Click Here
5 Chhattisgarh Click Here
6 Goa Click Here
7 Gujarat Click Here
8 Haryana Click Here
9 Himachal Pradesh Click Here
10 Jammu and Kashmir Click Here
11 Jharkhand Click Here
12 Karnataka Click Here
13 Kerala Click Here
14 Madhya Pradesh Click Here
15 Maharashtra Click Here
16 Manipur N/A
17 Meghalaya Click Here
18 Mizoram N/A
19 Nagaland N/A
20 Odisha Click Here
21 Punjab Click Here
22 Rajasthan Click Here
23 Sikkim Click Here
24 Tamil Nadu Click Here
25 Telangana Click Here
26 Tripura Click Here
27 Uttar Pradesh Click Here
28 Uttarakhand Click Here
29 West Bengal Click Here

7 Union Territories of India Union Territory Name FIR
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands N/A
2 Chandigarh Click Here
3 Dadar and Nagar Haveli Click Here
4 Daman and Diu N/A
5 Delhi Click Here
6 Lakshadweep Click Here
7 Puducherry Click Here

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