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Family Counselling Center Scheme

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Family Counselling Center Scheme – The Family counseling center scheme was first introduced by CSWB in 1983. While the family counseling centers duty is to provide counseling, referral and rehabilitative services for those victims who are attacked cruel act, which will be commonly performed on women and children. The scheme will provide the center to create some awareness and mobilize public opinion and collect their views and also on social issues which are affecting the status of women. The Family counseling center will be closely working with the local administration, police, course, free legal aid cells, medical and psychiatric institutions, vocational training center and with some short stay homes, this will keep going on. As this will help the victim to take an immediate caring center and also providing the justice from the local authorities.


  • The main objective of FCCs work is to provide professional services like taking action, independent inquiry, filed on dowry death cases and some counseling in family maladjustment, where someone won’t react with the demands of the environment.
  • They provide the reconciliation for those cases of separation and also handles the out of court settlement in marital cases.
  • The scheme has also the referral services like short stay homes, free legal aids, police assistance based on the problem faced by the victim they will approach the local authorities.
  • They have some counseling services which will be available in short stay home, remand homes, orphanages and also drug de-addiction centers following with old age homes, a shelter home for below poverty people, prisons, schools for children for education etc.
  • The FCCs will be educating the people and mobilize their opinion against the social problems facing in real life.
  • They will educate and impart information based on social welfare activates aided and also take help of various governmental and non-governmental agencies favor for better coordination and to give more services to the people.
  • The objective will arrange for suitable rehabilitation services for the victims and their dependents.
  • Also, they will be providing the crisis intervention services to deal with any problem with an individual within the family workplace or in any community. So, the Family counseling centers scheme will be working for the awareness of women and children.

The Family Counselling Center Scheme

Eligibility for Financial assistance

  • To get the benefits of the financial assistance under the scheme of FCCs, the institution or organization must fulfill all the following conditions. Check the below points to get the financial assistance.
  • The voluntary organizations should be registered under the NITI Aayog portal and they should be a Unique Identification Number for that, also the PAN of NGO should be provided along with the Aadhar No. and PAN no. of the office bearers should be provided.
  • The organization must be engaged in social welfare works for an approximate period of three years prior to the date of application for a grant under the programme.
  • They have to provide a certificate to the effect that all members of the managing committee are not related to each other. So, everyone has to be individual without any relation.
  • The organizational growth should also be in a position where they can have the access to keep additional funds when its required to complete the programme.

The Family Counselling Center Scheme

How to Apply for Family Counselling Center Scheme

  • The organizations those who have fulfilled their eligibility criteria can fill the form and submit to the officials. The applicant needs to fill this form of central social welfare board and submit to the ministry of women and child development.
  • The applicant needs to fill the Name of voluntary organization.
  • Address of the organization along with a block, district, state, pin code and phone number etc.
  • And your applied programme. Like if the institution is a branch of the parent organization or if it is affiliated with another organization.
  • Mention the name and other details of Managing Committee member and office bearers.
  • Also need to submit the Registration Details like Registration number, Registration Act, Date of Registration, Date of Renewal. This has to be filled accurately without missing anything.
  • The applicant has to submit the Unique Identification Number at NITI AayogProtal.
  • The applicant is requested to submit his bank account details along with the other details in the application form.
  • If you have any previous sanction details, the applicant can also mention those things in the application form. Or else he can leave that Colum empty.
  • Applicant should provide the name and address of funding agency.
  • Also, present activities and area of operation about his programme, activity, area of previous things.
  • If your organization has been blacklisted or not you can mention in the application form. If not, you can leave it empty or else you need to give the proper reason of blacklisted. Also, you should mention other details about de-blacklisted details of date and order no.

The Family Counselling Center Scheme

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The family counseling center scheme will be formed for the welfare activity of women and children. As the FCCs will be close to the local authorities, police, and other helping centers to give care to the victims. The FCCs will give awareness to the people suffering from the problems and give them support through counseling. For more details, you can visit the official site and take part in it.

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