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FAME-Promoting Electric Vehicles

Mukesh Jindal
Written by Mukesh Jindal

Under the National Electricity Mobility Mission Scheme (NEMMP), the FAME India Scheme was launched in 2015 for the purpose of promoting environmentally friendly vehicles in the country. Its aim is to provide market fiscal and monetary incentives to promote and create electricity-based vehicles in the country. To achieve self-sufficiency in the prescribed period, it will also support the development of the modern or electric vehicle market in the country and its manufacturing environment. It is being administered by the Ministry of Industry, this will encourage the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles from two-wheelers to buses.


Details on the FAME scheme

The government department of Heavy Industry has increased the demand for incentives of INR. 127.77 crore for the purchase of 1,11,897 electric and hybrid vehicles since the time of implementation.

Highlights of the scheme

  • Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles in India (FAME).
  • Promoting the use of electric vehicles in India.

Objectives of the FAME Scheme

  • It is intended to support the Hybrid and Electric vehicles market development and manufacturing eco-systems to get the best results of self-sustenance.

Phase 1 of the FAME scheme implementation

The phase 1 of the scheme would have a focus period of two years with an outlay of INR. 795 crore.

Aiming towards

The Fame India Scheme aims to encourage 2 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler auto, Passenger 4 Wheeler vehicles, Light commercial vehicles and buses in all vehicle areas. This plan includes modern and electric techniques such as light modern, Strong Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle.

Key Features of the Plan

  • The Government has increased the incentive demand of Rs 77 crore.
  • Its aim is to make India a 100 percent electric vehicle by 2030.
  • This plan is proposed to be implemented in a period of 6 years.
  • Fame-India wants to support the development of the modern / electric vehicle market.
  • 1 phase of Fem-India scheme started in April 2015
  • Government has expanded the Fem-India scheme to promote electric vehicles

This is good news for the industry of electric and modern vehicles / technologies and people plan to do this. Fame India Scheme – In order to promote the country’s electric and modern automobile industry, the government has received formal expansions from the heads of the planned heads – related ministries (finance, power, and heavy industry). This plan can increase for three to six months.

Under the Fame-India Scheme of the Government, the Department of Heavy Industries has sought an incentive of Rs 127.77 crores for purchase of 19,897 electric / modern vehicles from 1st April 2015 to February 2017. The Minister of State has given written reply to Babul Supriyo in the Lok Sabha for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

He has proposed to implement Fame-India in India rapidly and implement the Manufacturing (Hybrid and Electric Vehicle) scheme in a span of 6 years by 2020. In which the purpose of the scheme is to support the development of the modern / electric vehicle market and to create an ecosystem to achieve self-sufficiency at the end of the due period.

There are four steps to the plan

  • Technology development
  • Demand creation
  • Pilot projects
  • Basic structure charge

Based on the results and experience achieved in Phase 1 (2 years), this scheme will be reviewed properly with the input from the stakeholders and in future, with the proper allocation of the fund, it will be considered for implementation after March 31, 2017.

Reference and Details

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Based on the outcome and its reviews gained from the implementation of Phase 1 a two year plan, the scheme would be renewed and was considered for a phase 2 implementation by March 2017, with precise amounts of funds to be allocated in the future.`

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