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EPF/ PF Balance

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In the article below you will be guided, how you can check PF Balance/Epf Balance Check online by making use of the various types of services such as SMS, Mobile App, etc.

PF stands for the Provident Fund and the employees who are earning less than the Rs.15,000 per month and part from their salary is contributed in the form of the fund by making savings for their future to make it secure and bright. The Employers having more than 20 workers are required to get the PF registration to issue the UAN for the employees or the workers working.

Check the article below to gain more about the PF.

Most of the people are unaware of how to check the accumulated EPF means Employee Provident Fund as mentioned earlier in the article. As every month as soon the salary is credited to your account the EPF is being deducted yo make a contribution for the EPF and it is also reflected in your Passbook along the details of the contribution by you and the employer. The epf deducted is 12% of the salary of the employee.

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Benefits of EPF

The following mentioned are the benefits of the EPF being deducted as the points below are informative have a look at them.

  1. You can apply for the loan against the EPF.
  2. You can plan your expenses.
  3. You can check the status of the EPF to get the details for the fund.
  4. The epf deducted is Tax-free.
  5. Epf can act as financial protection in case of any financial crisis.
  6. The EPF can help an individual after retirement as a source of income.
  7. It acts as a long-term saving or we can say Investment.

EPF Interest Rate

The details about the interest rate applicable for the EPF of the employee is described below for the guidance of the user on the page below:

  • The government tries to maintain the EPF interest rate with the help of the  Central Trustees Body.
  • The EPF interest rate varies from time to time as it was 8.8%  in 2015-16 and 8.65%   in 2016-17.
  • Only the Concurrent interest is counted.
  • As mentioned earlier the amount deducted for the PF is 12% of the salary.
  • As first the amount from the salary is being deducted.
  • Then the employer dearness allowance is added.
  • Then the interest rate is deposited for the PF.
  • The 30% of the EPF fund is for the PF fund and the 70% for the Pension fund.

 EPF balance check

The following are the ways by which you can check the EPF status. Check them below as details about each method are given below:

✅ Online / via UAN

✅ Missed call / SMS service

✅ Through Mobile App

UAN Registration

You can get all the information about the EPF at the Unified portal as you can make use of the UAN means the Unified Account Number which is a unique code issued to all the employees who are provided PF.

In case to set up an institution or any working hub the employer has to generate the UAN numbers which are issued to the employee which is given after the verification process of the details such as KYC details like Aadhar card, PAN card, Identity Proof and address proof at the Unified portal.IN case of the new joint the employee will be issued with the UAN code so in this way you can only be the EPF holder in case you are assigned with a UAN code.

How to Check PF Balance on EPF Portal

You can easily check the EPF on the EPF Portal as the employees having the UAN number can make use of the EPF Portal.  You can visit the official site or make use of the link given below to visit the EPF Portal.

Click here

Reference Image:

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  • Click on the above link.
  • Then click on our services option.
  • Then select the for Employee.
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  • Click on member passbook option.
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  • Then the Login page appears.
  • Enter the UAN and the Password.
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  • Then you will able to access your account.
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EPF balance check by SMS

Note- You should have the UAN number integrated with your KYC that is Aadhaar card or the PAN card or Bank account linked to it. As they can only avail the facility of EPF balance check by SMS.

You have to follow the step given below:

  • Send the SMS on the Number 7738299899.
  • Then type EPFOHO UAN ENG and send the message.

Reference Image:

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You can select the language of your desired preference as the code for each language has been described below for your guidance.

  • English – “EPFOHO UAN”
  • Malayalam – “”EPFOHO UAN MAL”
  • Bengali – “EPFOHO UAN BEN”
  • Kannada – “EPFOHO UAN KAN”
  • Marathi – “EPFOHO UAN MAR”
  • Gujarati – “EPFOHO UAN GUJ”
  • Telugu – “EPFOHO UAN TEL”
  • Hindi – “EPFOHO UAN HIN”
  • Punjabi – “EPFOHO UAN PUN”
  • Tamil – “EPFOHO UAN TAM”

The facility for the languages given are Marathi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, and Bengali.

EPF check by a Missed call

You can also get the EPF balance check by making use of the Missed call service as you can make use of your mobile phone which is registered and make use of the service. As the service can only be accessed in the case you have integrated the UAN number with the KYC details as mentioned earlier in the article above.

Follow the steps given below and get the benefit of the EPF balance check by the Missed call.

  • You have to give a missed call on the number  011-22901406 from a registered mobile number.
  • After placing a Missed call you will get the SMS of providing the EPF details.

PF Balance Check through Umang App

UMANG Stands for the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance, it is a mobile application which is launched by the government for the convenience of the people of the country to get the various services under a single portal. You can make use of the Umang app to get the services such as booking LPG, Aadhaar Inquires, claims, insurances, balance check of pf, Pension schemes etc.

Follow the procedure to know the balance of epf through Umang app.

To get Mobile app click here

Reference Image:

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  • You have to  Download and install the UMANG App either from the Play Store or iOS Store.
  • Then you have to make use of the EPFO option
  • Then Select the “Employee Centric Services”.
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  • Then  Enter EPF (UAN) number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with the UAN.
  • Then enter the OTP.
  • Click on View Passbook Option.
  • You will get the details for PF balance.
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You can also make use of the Umang app as the table contains the various services details which are provided at the Umang app.

Name of Services  Details
Employee Centric Services View EPF Passbook
Claim PF
Track PF
General Services Search Establishment
Search EPFO Office
Claim Status
Account details via SMS
Account details via Missed Calls
Employer Centric Services Get Remittance Details
Set TTRN Status
Pensioner Services Update Jeevan Pramaan
eKYC Services Aadhaar Seeding


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