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Employment Exchange

employment exchange

Employment Exchange: Government jobs are the need of everyone today. It has many pros and cons about the working in the government institution. Bigger question today is How to get the government job in India?

It is a very easy and simple process to get a job in the government sector. But only if you are aware of the procedure for the Government job.

Every year a number employs are employed in the sector of government by clearly the government exams and also on the basis of the contract. A major reason for unemployment is that only a few people get the complete information about the vacancies available.

What is the meaning of employment exchange?

The government has started the organization regarding so to provide the information of employment. And the department is named as the Employment Exchange of India.

There are 947 branches of the  Exchange throughout India

Need of Employment Exchange

Employment exchange is one of the basic department or office which has been set by the government and maintained and controlled. The information about the latest vacancies can also be obtained. Check the need of the Exchange as follows:

It helps to:

  1. People about the information on vacancies available.
  2. Works in an efficient and unique manner to provide accurate information.
  3. Candidates on the basis of academic qualifications, experience, training are provided employment.

Benefits of Employment Portal

The benefits which you can get by being part of the employment exchange are as follows:

  • Suitable employment is provided to the job seeker.
  • Search for employment can be made in a suitable manner.
  • Job seeker registered at the portal gets a unique number as the reference.
  • He or she can make use of the unique number to get the status of the jobs or the waitlist online.
  • Registered member gets the information of the vacancies online as per their profile.

Documents Needed to Register

What documents are required for employment exchange?

To register at the employment exchange you have to bring the documents as follows:

  1. Certificate of the academics or qualification
  2. Caste certificate
  3. Proof of Residence, Ration card, Voter card
  4. Identity card or Aadhaar card
  5. Experience certificate
  6. Sports certificate if any
  7. If disabled then disability certificate
  8. Birth certificate
  9. Photographs of the applicant

Register With Employment Exchange

As mentioned earlier there are a number of exchange offices which has been set up by the government of Idia. The centers are set in the towns and the cities as well. The candidate in order to get the benefit of the job has to get registered at the nearby employment exchange office. Check the method of registration as follows.

Offline Method

In case you are interested to apply offline you have to visit the nearby  Employment Exchange.

Get the application form. Fill the details accurately. Submit the application form and the photocopies of the documents mentioned above. You also have to give the resume and experience certificate of the past job. You will get the Registration number form the concerned department. Which you can make use later to get the details of the job or vacancies in your areas.

Can we register online in employment exchange?

Yes, you can also register online. Check the method as follows:

Online Method

Visit the online portal for the registration at the official site of the Employment Exchange. As each state has its own individual online portal. You can get the access from the link given below in the table.

  • You have to register at the portal. Create the account.
  • You will get the Registration number.
  • You can log in to the portal.
  • Then you have to select the state and district.
  • Then follow the instruction at the official site to fill the application form.
  • After the complete process, you will get the acknowledgment containing the Registration Number.
  • Get the print of the application. Then you can visit the exchange in 15 days along with the application form and document.

State wise

Now you can easily get the information about the employment by registering at the employment exchange. As the state wise list for the exchange is as follows. You can select your state and can get registered at the online portal to get the benefit of jobs.

Check the state and UT list for Portal as follows.

State Employment Exchange
Andhra Pradesh Click Here
Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
Assam Click Here
Bihar Labor Click Here
Chhattisgarh Click Here
Goa Click Here
Gujarat Click Here
Haryana Click Here
Himachal Pradesh Click Here
Jammu and Kashmir Click Here
Jharkhand Niyojan Prashikshan Click Here
Karnataka Click Here
Kerala Click Here
Madhya Pradesh(MP Rojgar)  Click Here  
Maharashtra(Udyog Mahaswayam)  Click Here  
Manipur  Click Here  
Meghalaya  Click Here  
Mizoram  Click Here  
Nagaland  Click Here  
Orissa  Click Here  
 Punjab employment generation and training  Click Here  
Rajasthan Click Here
Sikkim Click Here
Tamil Nadu (Tnvelaivaaippu) Click Here
Telangana Labour employment training and factories  Click Here
Tripura Click Here
Uttarakhand Rojgar  Click Here
Uttar Pradesh Sewayojan  Click Here
West Bengal Click Here
Union Territories Employment Exchange
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Click Here
Chandigarh Click Here
Dadra  and Nagar Haveli Click Here
Daman and Diu Click Here
Delhi Click Here
Lakshadweep Click Here
Labour Puducherry Click Here

Then you will be informed about each time job vacancies released in your state according to your profile. You can apply for the vacancy and prepare for the exam and qualify it to get the job.

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