Employment Exchange Tripura, Registration and Validity

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Employment Exchange Tripura

The employment exchanges are the center or the offices which are set by the government. The government of the Tripura state started the facility of the employment exchange. It will help the people of the state to get the benefit of the latest information about the jobs and vacancies. So make sure you are registered at the employment exchange of the state Tripura.

employment exchange Tripura

Eligibility for Employment Exchange Tripura

The eligibility for the Employment exchange of the Tripura employment exchange. Make sure that you are eligible for the registration at the employment exchange Tripura.

  • The candidate should be the resident of the Tripura state.
  • Citizen of India is eligible to register.
  • The age of the candidate should be between 16 to 45 years.
  • The basic education qualification of the applicant.

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Charges for Employment Exchange

There is no fee or charges for the employment exchange. As per the Tripura government. The service of registration at the employment exchange Tripura is free of cost. So make use of the service to attain the benefit of the scheme or service.

Documents for Registration

What are the documents required for employment card?

The documents have to be submitted by the applicant. The applicant has to give the documents which are as follows for the Registration at the employment exchange.

  1. Nationality Certificate (PRTC / Citizenship Certificate)
  2. Age Proof Certificate. (Birth Certificate / Admit of Madhyamik Exam)
  3. Qualification of Education Certificate/ Mark sheet.
  4. Photographs of the candidates.

Tripura Employment Exchange Online Portal

Can we register online in employment exchange?

Online portal for the employment exchange Tripura. You can opt for the link to visit the official site of the employment exchange of the Tripura state. You can easily register at the portal. Only the condition to fulfill is that you should be the resident of the Tripura state.

Make use of the link to visit the Official Site. Register at the employment exchange Tripura. To attain the benefit of the job information as per your profile.


Employment Exchange Tripura Registration

How can I register my name in employment exchange?

If you are interested to register then you have to visit the official site. You can register online at the employment exchange Tripura. Make use of the link below. To access the link click on the link.

Click Here

Reference Image:

employment exchange tripura
  • Click on the Employment seeker.
  • As the option in the left side tab.
  • Then you will be guided to register at the employment exchange.
  • Complete information of the eligibility, Place of registration and more will be given.
  • Then you can register then by making use of the information.
  • Fill the application form.
  • Enter the details accurately.
  • Attach the documents along with the application form.
  • Then on successful submission of the application form.
  • You will get the registration number.
  • Make use of the number to access the information of the jobs or vacancies in the state.
  • As per the profile of the candidate registered at the employment exchange.

Place of Registration Offline

The candidate can also register offline. You can visit the office or the place of registration. Applicants, unless specially exempted by the State Director or the Director-General shall be registered at the Employment Exchange in whose jurisdiction the candidate normally reside.

Employment Exchange Card Validity

The valdity of the employment exchange is only for three years. The applicant has to renew the employment exchange card. You can opt for the online portal to renew your card. Or offline by visiting the place of registration.

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