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Employment Exchange Sikkim

What is an employment exchange?

employment exchange sikkim

Employment exchange is the office or the centers which are set by the government of the state. These centers are set by the government for the welfare of the people of the state. Especially the unemployed youth can attain the benefit. They will get the latest information about the jobs or the vacancies in the state. If they register at the employment exchange office. In every district, you can get the employment exchange office. You can also register online as the government also set up the online service for registration for the employment exchange online.

Benefit Employment Exchange Sikkim

The contender can achieve the following benefits. By registering at the employment exchange Sikkim.

  • Job seeker can register at the employment exchange at free of cost.
  • Candidate will get the information about the jobs according to their job profiles.
  • All the information on the Employment will be attained by the candidate registered at the online portal.
  • Complete guidance of the employment will be given to the candidate.

Eligibility Condition for Employment Exchange

The candidate has to fulfill the condition to attain the benefit of the latest information in the state. The condition for the employment exchange registration are as follows:

  • The candidate should be the resident of the Sikkim state.
  • The Jobseeker should be above the age of 14 years and below 45 years.
  • The candidate should be having the basic education qualification from 8th to any of the course of the degree.
  • Unemployed and the pass out candidate searching job are eligible to register at the employment exchange Sikkim.

Document Required

What are the documents required to register in employment exchange?

Contender has to submit the documents to the concerned office or online. Depending on the choice of the applicant. You have to give the following documents. Check the name.

  1. Voter id, Aadhaar Card, college id, employee id.
  2. Sikkim Ration card, Passport copy, Bank passbook or Electricity/water bill.
  3. Birth certificate Sikkim. Matric Certificate or affidavit from SDM etc.
  4. Education certificate
  5. Experience Certificate
  6. Sports Certificate If any
  7. Caste Certificate If any
  8. Photographs of the candidate

Sikkim Employment Exchange Online Portal

There is no particular portal which is set up to the date by the government of the Sikkim. but shortly the government will set up the online portal or the help of the job seeker and the unemployed candidates of the state. But now the government has made sure that the information on the employment exchange can be allocated to the people. So they set up the official site where you can get the application form for the registration at the employment exchange Sikkim.


Apply for Employment Exchange

How do I find my employment exchange number?

Check the procedure to apply for the employment exchange sikkim. You will get to how to get the employment exchange number. It is issued to the candidate after the sucessful registration. Check the steps as follows:

  • You can approach the concerned office to get the application form.
  • The contender can also get the application form from the online portal as above in the article.
  • Then fill the application form.
  • Enter all the necessary details in the application form.
  • Attach the documents along with the application form.
  • Submit it to the concerned department.
  • You will be issued the employment exchange number.
  • Job seeker can make use of the employment exchange number to get the latest information about the job or the vacancy in the state.
  • Then they can apply for the job to attain the benefit of the job.

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Fee for Employment Exchange

You can access the service free of cost. The government of the Sikkim provides the service to register free of cost at the employment exchange. The candidate has to pay no application fee for registration at the employment exchange Sikkim.

Validity for Employment exchange

The candidate after the due time period has to visit the official site or offline by visiting the concerned department to renew the employment exchange card of the Sikkim state. The validity of the employment exchange card is only for three years. Then the candidate will get the period of 2 months as the grace period to renew the employment exchange card in the Sikkim state.

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