Employment Exchange Mizoram, Online Portal, Procedure to Apply

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Employment Exchange Mizoram

employment exchange Mizoram

Employment exchange is the center which is set by the government of the Mizoram. It is for the welfare of the people of the state. The students or the unemployed candidate can register themself at the employment exchange office. In every district, the government has set up the employment exchnage to help the students. To get the information about the jobs and they can get employment according to their job profiles.

Benefit of Employment Exchange Mizoram

The candidate who will register at the employment exchange will get the benefits which are as follows:

  • Information on the latest vacancy.
  • Reliable and accurate information about jobs.
  • State and center employment jobs will also be part, a candidate will get the information.
  • According to the job profile of the candidate, the candidate will get the information.
  • Job Profile is created on the basis of the information of the candidate during registration at employment exchange.

Eligibility to register Employment Exchange

The eligibility for the Employment exchange registration has no hard and fast rules. The candidate only those who fulfill the simple conditions which are as follows can make use of the information access to the jobs in the state.

  • The candidate should be above 16 and below 45 years.
  • The job seeker should have the basic qualification any of the following:

8th, 10th, 12th, any course, degree, postgraduate

  • The candidates who are dropped out can also apply for the registration at employment exchange.

Mizoram Employment Exchange Registration Documents

The candidate who fulfills the eligibility as above can obtain the benefit of the employment exchange.

What is the name of the documents required to register at employment exchange?

Check the name of the documents as follows. You have to give the following documents to get registered at the employment exchange Mizoram.

Online Portal for Employment Exchange Mizoram

Online facility for the people to get an advantage of the employment. People earlier have to spend hours searching for jobs. Visiting the offices or reading newspaper to get the news or information about employment. In most of the cases, the information was either incomplete or inappropriate. It leads to the problems to the candidate and a lot of harassment.

But as with the online portal, the problem for the employment is solved by the employment exchange. Now at some of the official portal which are recently started give the forms to download. Whereas in some other you can also apply online. In the portal of the Mizoram, you can get the application form and the information of the vacancies.


Procedure to apply

Are you aware of the procedure to apply for Employment Exchange?

If you want to opt for the registration at the employment exchange. Then you can visit the online portal as above in the article. The details for the online portal.

You can also access the official site by making use of the link which is as follows:

Click Here

Reference Image:

Mizoram Employment exchange | SarkariNiti
  • Then you can click on the download option.
  • Thereafter access the form.
  • Fill the information in the application form.
  • Then attach the documents.
  • Submit the application to the concerned department.
  • Then you will get the acknowledgment slip.
  • After the verification of the certificate, the candidate can get the registration number.

Fee for Registration

There is no fee set for the registration of the employment exchange. If you are interested then you can take advantage of the scheme for free.

Validity for employment Card

The validity of the employment exchange card of the Mizoram state. It is for three years. As the job seeker if having attained the job till the validity of the Employment card. If a candidate doesn’t get the employment then he or she can visit the concerned office. To get the employment card renewed. So that he or she can get the benefits of the information regarding the job in the future.

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