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Employment Exchange Meghalaya

employment exchange Meghalaya

If you are unemployed then you should opt to register at the Employment Exchange in the Meghalaya. To get the information about the latest vacancy. So that you can apply for it and get the benefit of the job. It will help them to get the youth on the right and progressive track.

Where to Register for Employment Exchange?

The candidate can register at the for Employment Exchange employment assistance within the area where He/She normally reside.

Eligibility for Employment Exchange Meghalaya

If you want to register at the official portal of the Employment exchange of Meghalaya Employment exchange. Check the eligibility so that you can register at the employment exchange.

  • A candidate who is a citizen of India and the resident of the Meghalaya state.
  • The contender who has attained the age of 14 years is eligible to Register.
  • Basic Education qualification from class 8th to any of the degree or course.
  • Drop out or unemployed can register at the employment exchange Meghalaya.

Employment Exchange Documents Needed

What are the documents required for the employment card?

The documents by the candidate for the employment card. You have to give the documents, Check details are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate for proof of the Date of Birth/ School Certificate/ Matric Certificate/ nsfa meghalaya
  • Certificate for proof of Qualification.
  • Caste certificate i.e for S.C./S.T./O.B.C. candidate.
  • Certificate from Competent Authority in the case of Ex-Servicemen.
  • Disability certificate issued by the Competent Authority, If any
  • Resident Certificate or Certificate from Local Headman

Fee for Registration

There is no fee to register at the official portal or offline registration of the Employment exchange. As the service provided by the government of Meghalaya for the registration at the employment exchange is free of cost.

Employment Exchange Card Validity Tenure

The Registration for the employment exchange is valid for a period of 3 years. The candidate may renew his/ her registration either 2 months before the date of renewal or into 3 months after the expiry of registration. Renewal can be done online or offline depending on the choice of the candidate.

Official Portal Employment Exchange Meghalaya

Can we register online in employment exchange?

The Official Portal or the portal provides Online Registration of job seekers. It will help the job seeker by the Online Updation/Modification of Registration.  Information of vacancies to Registered and sponsoring suitable candidates for Employment depending on the job profile of the candidates.

Employer Window is basically designed for the people of the state. To get the online Registration of job, Job post, Find a candidate. All such schemes or services will save the time of the job seeker of the Meghalaya state. So if you are interested kindly access the official portal. As the link for the same is as follows:


The following information or facility, the candidates can avail:

Apply for the Employment Exchange Card

How do I register for Employment Exchange online?

Unemployed people of the state can make use of the portal to apply for the job. You can visit the official site. The link for the official site is as follows

Click Here

Reference Image:

employment exchange meghalaya
  • Click on the Connect KAM
  • Then you can make use of the online registration.
  • Click on the Web registration.
  • Then click on New Registration.
  • Select your District.
  • Select your Block where you reside.
  • Are You Registered in any other Employment Exchange, Select the desired option yes or no.
  • Then click on the submit option.
  • You will get the address of the employment exchange.
  • You can approach the concerned office with the documents.
  • To fill the application form.
  • Get the Registration Number.
  • This Unique number you can make use to login to the official site.
  • To get the information about the latest vacancy in the state.

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