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Employment Exchange Jammu and Kashmir

A major reason for unemployment is that only a few people get complete information about the vacancies available. The government has started the organization regarding so to provide information about employment. And the department is named as the Employment Exchange of India. So the government of the Jammu and Kashmir.

employment exchange  jammu and kashmir

Benefit of Employment Exchange

The Candidate who are registered at the employment exchange at the Jammu and Kashmir. You will get the following points:

  1. Works in an efficient and unique manner to provide accurate information.
  2. Candidates on the basis of Job profile as per the academic qualifications, experience, training are provided employment.
  3. An applicant will get the Unique registration number.

Eligibility for Employment Exchange Jammu and Kashmir

The condition of the eligibility for the employment exchange. These eligibility conditions have to fulfilled by the candidate who wants to register for the employment exchange.

  1. Only educated candidates can apply.
  2. Candidate should be the resident of the state.
  3. The age of the candidate should be above 16 and below 45 years.
  4. Unemployed or drop out can also apply for the employment exchange registration.

Document Name Employment Exchange J&K

The name of the Documents which has to bring along with you. In the employment exchange registration you have to give these documents:

  1. Certificate of the academics or qualification
  2. Caste certificate
  3. Proof of Residence, Ration card
  4. Identity card
  5. Experience certificate
  6. Photographs of the applicant

Online portal Employment exchange J&k

As per the changes in the technology. As each of the services is designed online. So the government of Jammu and Kashmir has also started the initiative. To start the online portal for the employment exchange for the people of the state. As the candidate can make use of the following facilities from the official site.

  • Post-wise details
  • Schemes
  • Qualification-wise Live Registration
  • Online Live Registration
  • Un-organized Workers Registration Form

Application Procedure Employment Exchange

If you are interested to register at the employment exchange. Then you have to register for it online. Make use of the steps to register online. The steps and the link for the same are as follows:

 Click Here

Reference Image:

employment exchange j&k
  • You have to click on the link above.
  • Then click on online registration.
  • Thereafter select the new registration.
  • Fill the application form with your details.
  • Attach the documents.
  • Submit the application.
  • You will get the unique registration id.
  • Candidate can make use of the unique registration id to get the information of the latest vacancy and more details associated with it.

Registration Fee

What is the amount of fee set up for Employment exchange registration?

There is no fee which is set by the government of the Jammu and Kashmir. It is free of cost to get registered at the employment exchange to get the latest news of the employment.

Employment Exchange J & K Validity

The Validity of the employment exchange is for three years. After that time the candidate has to get the Employment exchange card renewed. For which the contender has to visit the office of the concerned department or the official site.

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