Electricity Bill Waiver Scheme for Farmers – 2018 By Maharashtra Government

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Mukhyamantri Krishi Sanjeevani Yojna is for those farmers who are not able to pay the heavy electricity bill. Mukhyamantri Krishi Sanjeevani Yojna is launched by the Government of Maharashtra. This Yojna has been announced by the Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule.

Under this Scheme, approximately 41 Lakhs farmers of the state will be benefitted. The farmers who not paid their electricity bill for many years get help and the benefits from this Krishi Yojna. According to the government, the total pending bill on the state is Rs. 19,272 crore. The farmers get the huge subsidy on their pending bill from the year 2012. Through this Yojna the Maharashtra Government covered Rs. 10,890 crore from the 41 lakh farmers of the state. The farmers will pay their pending bill in installments. The payment below 30,000 can be pay in five installments and the payment more than 30,000 can be pay in 10 installments. The first installment starts in December 2017, second in March, third in June, fourth in September and fifth in December 2018. The farmers who are not able to complete the installments under this Yojna they have to pay their bills with interest and penalty.

The campaigns are launched by Energy Department for spread awareness amongst the farmers to give them a knowledge how to clear the pending bills. The dues of the farmers will be cleared through installment till December 2018. This Yojna can reduce the burden of the bill from the farmers. According to the Energy Department, the connection will be disconnected for those farmers who do not pay their bill within the due time.

The Maharashtra Government also launched the SOLAR FEEDER SCHEME for the farmers and give them an information about it by campaigning. This Scheme will reduce the usage of Electricity. Under these Yojana’s the government provide the benefits to the farmers who faced the problem due to different causes.

The CM of Maharashtra Sh. Devendra Fadnavis launched this Krishi Sanjeevani Yojna and its Portal very soon. Its easy for the farmers to pay their electricity bill through the portal.

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