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You will be glad to know that you can apply for the ECHS  Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme which will help the person to avail the benefit of getting the health facility provided by the central government. As the people working for the safety and security of our nation should also be considered and provided some benefit which enables them and the families the healthcare facilities. The Military personals working at the border for us deserve it that we should take care of their health. So the government of India started providing the Health facilities by setting up different hospitals which are only to be meant for them only and they can visit there and get their treatment done.


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The government issued card facility for them so that they can avail the facility in military hospitals by making use of the card. The card early issued to the people the people have to stand in the long queues waiting for their turn for filling the application forms to get the card from the ECHS department of their respective area.

Echs Portal

But now with the advancement of the technology as now each and everything is available online at the respective department has started their online portal for the comfort of the public which has not only benefit the local public and also reduced the headache and workload of the official for searching the files for getting the data as now each and every information can be searched about nay beneficiary online on the portal. The link of the online portal is given below for your assistance.

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Reference Image:

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Benefits to ECHS member

The benefit list is given below for those who are the member of the ECHS. You can check the list to get the complete information about it

  1. The member has no condition set up regarding age or any medical disability ailment.
  2. The benefit available depend upon the grade pay as well as the lifetime contribution ranges, Rs 30,000/- to Rs 12,0000/.
  3. The government also provide the option of reimbursement at CGHS rates if a person has availed the treatment in case of  Emergency at the Non empaneled hospitals.
  4. The treatment can take place indoors as well in the other empaneled hospital depending upon the treatment the person required.
  5. The scheme also covers the Spouse as well as the dependent member of the family of the person serving or retired from the defense.

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Services at ECHS Portal

The services which are available at the portal you can get the information about it on the page below as already mentioned a number of services are provided to the people at the online portal of the Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme, Dept of ESW Ministry of Defence.

Check the list below of the service at the portal of ECHS.

  1. Online smart card application
  2. Claim Status
  3. Waviers and sanction
  4. Complaints
  5. Empanelment Status
  6. Medical Process
  7. Smart card Apply Online

Eligibility Criteria :

To check the eligibility criteria check the following points:

  • The applicant should be Ex-servicemen
  • Casualties of War Widows and NOK of Battle
  • Personnel Disabled in Operations
  • Medically boarded out during training sessions
  • The person receiving the disability pension

Dependent Eligibility

  • Spouse
  • Unemployed Son/ daughter up to 25 years
  • The Younger Brother/ sister up to Age 18 years
  • Widow Daughter or sister are also eligible
  • Parents are also eligible for the ECHS smartcard
  • The child, brother or the sister who are Physically/ Mentally handicapped are eligible for the lifetime to avail the benefit of the ECHS smartcard.

Documents ECHS Membership

Forfeiture of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA)

Online Smartcard Application ECHS

To apply online for the smart echs card online you can make use of the official website or the link is below given on our page below.

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ECHS Website

echs.gov.in is official Government Portal to visit this portal you can write in browser’s address bar echs.gov.in or www.echs.gov.in Online both will work or you can click on given link below.

Click on the link https://echs.gov.in/

  • The following page shown in the image will appear on the portal if you have already registered at the portal then you can log in at the portal and apply the smartcard.
  • If you are not registered then you have to register first.

The steps for the register and login are given below.

Register ECHS

To login at the portal open, the link is given above then visit the online application.

  • Enter Ex-Serviceman Name
  • Enter Prefix, Service, No Suffix
  • Enter the country, mobile number
  • Create a password
  • Confirm the password by entering it again.
  • Enter the captcha code and submit the application.
  • Security Questions will be asked if you forget the password,  Password Recovery

Look image:

ECHS Login

If you are already registered then you can easily log in by entering the mobile number without the country code and password which you filled during echs registration. The image is also given below for the guidance of the reader at the page below.

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Apply ECHS smart card steps:

  • You will receive the OTP on the registered number.
  • Then you can proceed with the application.
  • Upload the required documents such as Certificate/Affidavits, Attachments, Photos.
  • You have to make the payment for the service charges it can be 177 Rs. or more depending on the service.
  • You will get a  Slip for the payment and for the application registered.
  • You have to visit the polytechnic nearby you along with the slip you received and with other documents.
  • Verification of the documents will be done.
  • You can make use of the slip to avail the facility at the hospital till you smart card is not issued.

Smart Card Application form from Given Link

Click the link above to get all sort of application form for the smart card for the membership or the dependent membership.

Smart Card Dependents verification

Click on a link and get guide you to the site which will contain the:

  • Verification format of the dependent
  • ECHS membership of dependent Parents
  • Dependent below 25 years of age
  • Self-attestation of dependents

Loss of Smart Card

Loss of Smart Card

If you have lost the smart card then you have to submit the application for the closing of the smartcard and issuing of the new smart card. You have to represent the application in the format given in the link above.

Claim Status Details

To claim and its status can also be checked echs online for it click on the link below

Claim status

Reference image:

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  • Click on the link above the image shown will appear on the page.
  • Enter the claim id and the service no.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Submit the application to get the details of the claim status.


Old Card Holder1 pdf

Empaneled Hospitals and Facilities

The complete detail about the empaneled hospitals and the list of such hospitals which are empaneled with the ECHS and the facilities available and another sort of information regarding can be achieved from the home page of the portal whose lin is given above whereas the list of the empaneled hospital till 2018 is given below.

Empaneled hospital facility

See Image:

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Correction or Upgradation in ECHS card

If you have received the ECHS card after the complete process of verification but still you are not satisfied with the card because the card you have got require some type of correction in it whether it is name or spellings or any other correction, you can get the corrections done easily on the portal as well as you can visit the respective department or if you have to make the Upgradation in the card due to the new member in the family or death of the member. All procedure regarding the correction will be described to you as follows:

Visit the official site or make use of the link to get the application form as the application is required to be submitted by the candidate who wants to make the changes in the ECHS Card.

Click here to get updates to form ECHS

  • Fill out the form and submit it in the  Regional Centre may be deposited at Polyclinic/Station HQ/Regional Centre.
  • You have to submit @ Rs 135/- as the Cost of upgraded ECHS Card as in the form of Demand draft.
  • You have to also submit the old card which requires correction along with the documents or the application form.
  • You will be issued a New card.

Renewal of ECHS Card

The old card holder has to get their cards renewed by filling the online application form under the existing cardholder category. Earlier the people were issued with the 16 or the 32 kb cards now from the sep 1, 2018 such card will become out of the service and the people should have the new card which is 64 kb as the 32 kb card will function upto 10 years from the date of issuing.

Procedure for renewal 

It is similar to that of filling the form the only difference you have to fill the form as the existing cardholders rest of the procedure is the same as the application for the new card.

  • You have to register yourself at the portal.
  • Get the OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Fill the OTP to get the application form.
  • Fill out the application form each and every detail.
  • Documents are also required to attach along it.
  • Make the payment Rs 177 per card as the service charges.

To get the application form for renewal.

Click here

Status of Application for ECHS card

To know the status of the application form whether the application for the ECHS card is verified or not. To know the status of the application you have to Login at the portal by entering the mobile number and Password as the Login to the portal details are already mentioned in the article make use of the details from it along the image of the Login portal.

After login to the portal, You will be able to check the status of the application form you submitted for the ECHS card.

Contact Info

You can contact the regional option by clicking on the link given.

Contact us

  • Click on the contact us option.
  • Click on the regional offices.
  • Select the state or region you want to avail the information
  • Then you would be asked about the type of information you want such as contact details or the empaneled facility in that particular area.

See Image:

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Exchange no.: – 011-25695246 & 25682870
Toll-free helpline number- 1800-114-115

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