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As you are aware the best sort of information is only provided to the reader at the page for enhancing your knowledge about the current affairs or the schemes which are launched by the various government so that you can get the awareness and you can avail the benefit of the scheme launched by the government day today. As know in this article, you will again gain a lot about the state government scheme which is started by the Rajasthan government for the welfare of the people of the state. So you should read the article below thoroughly to get the details.

E- Sakhi

The Rajasthan government has launched a government scheme called e-Sakhi Yojana which is launched by the chief minister of the Rajasthan state Vasundhara Raje. The scheme will work as an action plan on behalf of the department of information and technology for the smooth functioning of the scheme. The scheme is mainly focused on the Women.

The e-Sakhi aims to provide the women of the state the free training to avail the benefit of the electronic service delivery in the rural as well as in the urban areas.

To know how to avail the benefit of the scheme or how to apply read the article below:

Objective of E-Sakhi

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The state information and technology and communication department of the Rajasthan state will monitor and function the scheme as mentioned already as the reason for the same to promote the digital literacy among the women and the girls of the state. The main objective of the e-Sakhi to make at least one person in a family Digital literate in the rural areas.

Benefits of e-Sakhi Scheme Rajasthan

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The following mentioned are the benefits of e- Sakhi scheme Rajasthan which you can avail if you make online registration for it. So check the benefits of e-Sakhi scheme Rajasthan before you make the e-Sakhi online registration.

  1. The e-Sakhi Yojana will benefit 1.5 lakh women of the state.
  2. The e-schools will be selected for the Training purpose to make an easy access to the location nearby for the women convenience.
  3. It is aimed to select every 8th person from every ward for the – Sakhi in the urban areas.
  4. Every Family in Rajasthan State will have a person digitally literate.
  5. It is aimed to train 100 people for about the service as the digital process in the city or the village for IT center.

Eligibility for E- Sakhi

Under the E-Sakshi Yojana, the women or the girls who have completed 12th or the Higher education are eligible to apply for the E-Sakhi. The candidate will interested can apply for the scheme who fulfill the eligibility mentioned above for the E-Sakhi. The other thing which you should be aware of how to use smartphones, computer basic. The age limit has been also set to get the E-Sakhi involvement that is 20 to 35 years.

E-Sakhi Training Location

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The e-Sakhi training location has been decided by the government of the Rajasthan already. The e-Sakhi training location is set up according to while keeping in the mind the nearest areas to the registered women can come to get the training. The training for the e-Sakhi will be given to the women and the girls for the scheme at the Atal Seva Center located at Panchayat Samiti, Panchayat Samiti. There will be 5 village panchayat and 10 e- school will be selected for each ward. 95 ITG centers will be selected by the department of information and technology to provide free digital training, there will be 2 Hour training for 14 days.

Implementation/ Process of E-Sakhi

As mentioned earlier the selected women according to their interest will be given the training under the Rajasthan government e-Sakhi scheme. The people trained, and will again select a few candidates from them as the happy teacher who will train 2 people.

Syllabus for E-Sakhi Training

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You have to be aware of the syllabus for the e-Sakhi training so that you can know that which can be of your great use and the following mentioned are the schemes or the plans which you will get guided under the E-SAKHI Yojana.

  • Bamashah scheme
  • Bhamashah Bima Bima Yojna or Health Insurance Scheme
  • E-PDS scheme or public distribution scheme
  • E-friend plan
  • Raj Contact Portal
  • Social Security Pension Scheme or Social Security Plan

E-Sakhi Online Registration

The women or the girls who are interested to get the benefit of becoming the digitally literate and are interested to register can make use of the E-Sakhi online registration service started by the Rajasthan government to make the process more easier and simple and each one can have the access to the e-Sakhi scheme, the Rajasthan government has started the Mobile app on the google play store for the convenience fo the people so that they can download the app and can make use of it for the E-Sakhi online registration.

If you are interested to apply you can visit the Block IT and Statistical Office for “e-Sakhi Yojana”

You can also download the Mobile app for online registration as mentioned already. You can get the mobile app at the play store or at the official website of Rajasthan SSO. You can also make use of the Link given below to download the MOBILE APP FOR E-SAKHI.

Click here

Women can get the SSID after the successful registration for the scheme.

You can also visit the official website for Online registration. You can also make use of it. esakhi.rajasthan.gov.in

Reference Image official website:

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You can register through the Bamashah Card / Aadhar Card / Facebook / G-Mail ID  for registering the SSO ID at https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register.

Additional Benefits on Completion of E-Sakhi Training

If you have successfully completed the training of the e-Sakhi beside the knowledge of the digital gadgets or the schemes or the plans you will also get the added benefit on completion of E-Sakhi Training which has been mentioned as follows:

You will get the benefit of aware in the form of Funds

You will get the benefit in form of 2 installments.

The amount of money will only be given to the women on the completion of the e-Sakhi training.

Ist installment will be of Rs.1000/-

The 2nd installment will be of Rs.1500/- for providing the training to someone.

Contact Info

Name: Narendra Dhayal, Shikha Mathur,  Sanjay Swami
Phone No: 9649900717,  9660392307, 7976180365

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