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DRIVING LICENSE- Official Document

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Driving License is an official document. The License authorized the person to drive the vehicle on the road legally.  Driving License is the mandatory document for the individual to drive legally on the road. The driving license basically is an official document issued by the government.

In India driving license is issued to the individual by the related states. Every state has a Regional Transport Office[RTO] or Regional Transport Authority. These authorities of the state have issues DRIVING LICENSE to the person. According to the “THE MOTOR VEHICLE ACT-1988” The valid driving license is necessary. The valid driving license means that the issued license to the person authorized for drives a vehicle till the validity of the date. The driver keeps the original license while driving.

The driving license permits the person to drive one or more type of motor vehicle on the roads like motorcycles, cars, truck etc. The minimum age limit for the motorcycle having engine below 50cc is 16 years and for the heavy vehicle the age limit is 18 years. The permanent License issued at the age of 18 years.

A learner’s license is issued to an individual at the age of 16 years. It is issued for learning. After a month of issue, the learning license a person appears for the test of driving in front of the RTO authority. The authority officers will declare the result of the learner.

RTO issued different types of Licenses:-

The Learner Driving license– Basically, the learning license is issued to learn the driving of Two wheeler. The validity of this license is 6 months only. This is also called TEMPORARY LICENSE.

The Permanent Driving license– From the date of issuing the learning license, the permanent driving license is issued after the thirty days to those individuals who are eligible for it. The Permanent license holder must have to know about the rules and regulation of the traffic, driving, and vehicle system.

The Duplicate Driving License– Duplicate License is issued in the case of theft or loss of permanent license. The validity period of the duplicate license is same as the previous license. The particulars such as FIR, Challan Clearance report from RTA office, and an application in form LLD is important for issuing the duplicate license. This Duplicate License is issued by RTO.

International Driving License– An International license is must for the person who plans for the country cross trips. Birth certificate, Valid passport, Visa and Address proof is required for the international driving license.

Light Motor Vehicle License– This license is issued to those who are eligible to drive the Auto-rickshaw, motor car, taxi, vans and LMV’s. This is the Commercial type of License.

Heavy Motor Vehicle License– This type of license is issued to the drivers of Buses, Trucks, goods carriers, and cranes. This is another commercial type license. They are specially trained in the Heavy Motor Vehicle Driving School.

The important documents required for the driving license is the Age proof document. For the Age proof, the documents like birth certificate, PAN card, Passport, mark sheet of 10th class, any one of them is required. For the

Address proof, then any one of these documents like Aadhar card, Electricity bill, Voters ID card, ration card, LIC Bond, Self-owned house agreement is required.

Some others documents are required like application form, 6 passport size photograph for learning license, and 1 passport size photograph for the driving license, current residence proof. A Medical certificate is very important for all the applicant above the age of 40 years. A Medical Certificate form I or I[A] is issued by the certified Government doctor.

You can register or apply online for the driving license by following steps- for download the form you have to visit the SARATHI WEBSITE.  Once the form is downloaded, then you fill the form with accurate information or instructions provided there. Then click on the SUBMIT button. In the case of minority applicant, the section -D of the form is filled by the guardian or parents. The form is submitted with the details or documents such as age proof, address proof, or learner license number. If the application proceeds correctly then the SMS or notification is received by the applicant.

Driving License may lead to cancellation due to an excessive number of endorsement put on the license. A penalty fine is issued in the case of break down of traffic rules or cause of any fault. for the minor traffic violation, the law allows the state government to set a fine or prison to the defaulter. The officer seized the driving license according to Law and issued a  temporary one for a specified time.

While driving, an individual must carry the valid Driving License. It is a very important document issued by the Government to give permission of driving on the public road.



DRIVING LICENSE – Online Appointment / Form


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