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With the gaining popularity of the cab facility all over the nation, a private service. But the Telangana government too decided to make use of such facility not only to provide an easy access to the people but it will also change the scenario for those who want to work in the sector of the driving vehicle. Telangana state has come with a scheme which will help the drivers who are not working now. this scheme is mostly for the people who belong to the backward caste or minority communities.

This scheme was introduced at the beginning of 2017 in February by the government of Telangana. In this scheme, the citizens can buy their own automobile using this loan scheme.

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Driver empowerment program Objectives

  • With the popularity of the private cab service, the regular taxi driver got insecure as they are not able to earn as they were earning on the regular basis. so the aim of this scheme is to provide them with the opportunity of getting their own car and make use of it to earn money for their survival.
  • This scheme is launched to provide the financial assistance to the drivers who belong to the backward sections who are not capable to buy their own cab. under this scheme, the driver is provided with the financial assistance to buy their own car.

Driver empowerment program beneficiaries

  • Only the person whose ever belong to the SC (scheduled caste), ST( scheduled tribe), OBC (other backward class) and minority community will be eligible for the scheme.
  • Only drivers who have a valid license will be eligible.
  • Whoever wants to apply for it should have a valid license issued from RTA on or before 31st December 2016.
  • Driver in the rural areas who earn less than or equal to Rs. 1.5 Lac per annum and drivers from the urban areas whose income is less than Rs. 2 Lac per annum urban will only be eligible for this scheme.
  • The applicant must have passed at least 8th standard and equivalent or more.

 How to apply for Driver Empowerment Program?

Documents required:-

Documents Required for Driver Empowerment Scheme

If you are interested to apply for the Driver Empowerment program to get its benefit then you should have the following mentioned documents:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Driving license
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Marksheet of 10th or equivalent

From the above-mentioned documents, the optional are PAN card and the certificate of class 10th. If someone doesn’t have the PAN card no need to worry as it is not mandatory to represent the PAN card and also if you do not have a certificate of 10th then you can represent the certificate of 8th. The other two mentioned documents are needed in the scanned form to upload, the driving license scanned from both sides and a photograph.

Steps for registration

If you want to register yourself for the Driver Empowerment Program you can register yourself very easily by following the mentioned below steps.

Note:- There is no offline mode for the application to apply you can only apply online.

  • To apply online for the scheme you are required to fill up the form available online as given in the link:-DRIVER EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM.
  • As soon you will click the link you will get the online form where you have to enter your information, fill in your personal details.
  • You will also have to enter your aadhaar number, meeseva caste number, caste details and other community-related information.
  • Finally driving license details like date of issue, license number and the preferred location of driving are mandatory fields to be filled.
  • At last of the form, you will see some places where the scanned copy of mandatory and optional documents is to be uploaded.
  • Finally by clicking the submit button will let the candidate finish the application.

Onlіnе аррlісаtіоn

Apply online

If you want to apply for the Driver Empowerment Program you can now easily apply online by making use of the link given below:-


Benefits of the scheme

  • This scheme is mainly launched to assist drivers financially to buy their own cars, it means that each driver will get easy loans from the state government to buy cabs.
  • Once the driver gets his own car he can join the private cab service Uber. The scheme has been started with Uber cab services and the driver will drive for Uber.
  • Along with the financial assistance the training will also be provided to each driver who has registered with this scheme.
  • An Uber App would be provided to each of the drivers to provide an easy access and they will be able to receive the riding requests as other services do these days.
  • The drivers will be provided with the choice to select the location they want to ride. For example, those who want to ride within the Hyderabad can choose the location and ride accordingly and other who want the outside location can do the same.

Beneficiary ID

If you have successfully become the member of the scheme you will be assigned with a beneficiary Id for your further use in future.


Report of the scheme

The below mentioned is the sample report from the scheme being launched :

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You can also get the report under this scheme by entering the year for which you want to get the report as shown in the image below:

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