Domicile/Resident Certificate Rajasthan Benefits, Eligibility, Application

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Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

Domicile/Resident Certificate Rajasthan Benefits, Eligibility, Application | SarkariNiti

It is very essential to have a domicile certificate. As this certificate is also known as Certificate or Identification. Now a day it is very important to have a domicile certificate of your native place. It is legal proof for every citizen. Anybody can obtain this certificate by the authorised officer of the state. Domicile certificate is also known as Residence Certificate or Native Certificate of the Rajasthan.

Benefits Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

You can read out the benefits of the domiciles certificate of Rajasthan in the below points.

  • For taking benefits of the new scheme launched by the Rajasthan Government.
  • In school for admission or scholarship purpose.
  • For the reservation purpose.
  • Any government job needs a domicile certificate.
  • For the application of ration card or Aadhar card, you need a residence Certificate.

Eligibility Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

The following points can explain to you about the eligibility of the Domicile Certificate Rajasthan.

  • If you are living in a Rajasthan more than 10 years you are eligible for the domicile certificate.
  • Citizenship of India is very necessary for the domicile certificate.
  • If a female candidate from other state married with the person whose native place is Rajasthan then she is also eligible.
  • A government employee in Rajasthan is also eligible.
  • Domicile certificate is issued on their parent’s certificate if they are below 18.

Note:  More than one Domicile Certificate is considered as an offence. You have only one Domicile Certificate of the state/UT.

Documents Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

If you are going for the application of the domicile certificate in Rajasthan. You need to know about the main documents. Below points can explain you.

  • An id proof like an Aadhar card or Rajasthan Ration card copy.
  • Two passport size photo of the candidate.
  • Address proof of the applicant.
  • Age proof like mark sheet, birth certificate.
  • Paper of the property or rent of the house receipt.
  • The official document issued by Patwari in a rural area.

Application Procedure Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

Here two modes of the application procedure for domicile certificate in Rajasthan explain below.

Details of both the modes of application are explained.

CSC(Common Service Centre) Procedure

Below points will help you to know about CSC(Common Service Centre)Mode of the application procedure for the Domicile Certificate in Rajasthan.

  • In this Mode of application, you have to go to the CSC(Common Service Centre).
  • Collect the application form to the authorised officer.
  • Fill the details of the applicant into the form and attach all the important document with it.
  • Now submit this form to the CSC operator then you will get an acknowledgement number.
  • This Acknowledge number will help you in future to track the status of the domicile certificate.

Online Mode Domicile Certificate Rajasthan

In the online mode of application, Points are explained below.

  • You need to visit on the official website for the Rajasthan.
  • Here I will also provide you with an application form.
  • Fill the application form of the applicant and attach all the document along with the application form.
  • Submit this form to the concerned officer.
  • You can obtain this domicile certificate from the sub-divisional officer and assistant collector.

Application Form Domicile Certificate

A pdf file of the domicile certificate for Rajasthan is also available here. You can download it.

  • Above is the application form for domicile certificateRajasthan.

Track Status

You can track the status of the Domicile Certificate of Rajasthan with the help of the below points.

  • You have to visit on the official website provided by the Rajasthan Government. Click here.

Reference Image

| SarkariNiti
  • Here search out the option ” Get status” and click on it.

Reference Image

| SarkariNiti
  • Enter your receipt number and get the status of your domicile Certificate.

Processing  Time

The processing time of the application form is one week only. But it can be a delay if you have provided any wrong information in the application form like name, age, and so on.

Validity Domicile Certificate

The validity of the domicile certificate is for a lifetime.

Contact Details

Support Number : 0141-2221425

Email ID : [email protected]

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