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Domicile/Residence Certificate West Bengal, edistrict, Download, PDF

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West Bengal Domicile Certificate

West Bengal Domicile Certificate | SarkariNiti

The domicile certificate West Bengal is the official Document which is issued to the people of the state. The Residence certificate or the nativity certificate are the other names for the Domicile Certificate. As the residence certificate gives the proof of one’s resident over a particular region or state. The people can make use of the Domicile certificate to avail various benefits of the Schemes which are launched by the people for the convenience of the people of the state.

In the article below you will get to know more about the West Bengal Domicile certificate in details so in case you don’t hold a Residence Proof can make use of the article below to apply the Domicile certificate West Bengal.

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West Bengal Domicile Certificate Eligibility Criteria

Check the points below to know about the Eligibility criteria for the Residence certificate West Bengal in case you opt to apply the Domicile certificate then you should be knowing the points of eligibility.

  • The applicant should be the permanent resident of the state.
  • The candidate has been living in the state for more than a year can apply if he has been living in the state Permanently.
  • The woman candidate can also get the Benefit of applying the Domicile Certificate West Bengal in case she is married to the candidate who is the permanent resident of the state West Bengal.

Documents Required Residence Certificate 

The interested candidates who are opting to apply the Domicile certificate West Bengal should have a look at the points given below as the points below will guide you about the Documents required for the Application of the Residence certificate West Bengal.

  • The candidate has to give the Residential proof of land owned or rented house, in the form of Photocopy of the land deed or the receipt of the rent respectively.
  • Identity Proof of the aspirant is also required as you can give the Khadya/Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Driving license, Voter ID card, Ration card or the Passport.
  • Birth Certificate or the proof of the age of the candidate. You can also give the certificate of the school in case you don’t have the Birth certificate.
  • Passport size photograph of the candidate is also required to be given along the application form.

Online Application Procedure West Bengal

You can apply for the Nativity certificate or the domicile certificate Online as the government of West Bengal provide the Online application facility of Domicile certificate. So the aspirant candidate can make use of the Online application Procedure for West Bengal Residence certificate.

You can either visit the official website of the West Bengal e- district or you can also make use of the Link given below:

click here

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti

Click on the above link.

e district wb citizen registration

  • You have to Login at the official website whose link given above.
  • In case you are not registered register at the portal of West Bengal to get the username and the password.
  • If you have logged in to the Official portal.
  • You have to then click at the  Local residence/ Domicile Certificate option.
| SarkariNiti
  • Then the instruction and the rules will appear.
  • Click on the apply option below.
| SarkariNiti
  • The application form appears you have to fill in the information asked in the form as shown in the image below:
| SarkariNiti
  • Then you have to Upload the documents as mentioned earlier in the article.
| SarkariNiti
  • Then click on the save and then submit the application.
  • You will receive the application number to view the status of the application registered at the official portal West Bengal e- district.

Domicile certificate West Bengal download

If you have already registered or applied for the Domicile certificate West Bengal download then you can also get the benefit of domicile certificate west Bengal download. So make use of the information for domicile certificate west Bengal download as below.

You can visit the official portal as mentioned earlier in the article at e- district West Bengal or the link given above in the article.

  • Then you have to click on the approved application option which is present in the top of the Home page.
| SarkariNiti
  • You will able to check the status of the application registered at the official portal West Bengal.
  • Select the service name from the list available at the approved application tab.
| SarkariNiti
  • Then click on the specific application option.
  • You will have to then enter the application number which you have received when you successfully registered the Domicile certificate application.
  • Enter the Application Number.
  • You will be able to check the status of the application.
| SarkariNiti
  • If your application is approved you can also Download the Domicile certificate West Bengal from the official site.

Processing Time

You will receive the domicile issued to you after the process of verification by the concerned department of Tehsil office or Revenue Department office within 7 days if not then you can visit the respective office.

Domicile certificate West Bengal pdf

In case you are interested to apply the Domicile certificate West Bengal offline then you can make use of the domicile certificate west Bengal pdf which is given below for the ease of the reader who has to opt the offline method. You can make use of the domicile certificate west Bengal pdf, fill the application form as it contains the following mentioned application pdf. You can select one of you to want.

  1. Residential/Domicile Certificate for candidates residing in the State of West Bengal
    continuously for at least last ten (10) years
  2. Residential/Domicile Certificate for candidates not residing in the State of West Bengal
    but whose parent(s) is (are) permanent resident(s) of West Bengal having their permanent
    home address within West Bengal

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