Domicile/Residence Certificate Chandigarh Eligibility and Application Procedure

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Domicile Certificate Chandigarh

Domicile Certificate Chandigarh | SarkariNiti

It is very important to have the Domicile certificate of the region where you reside because it acts as the Residence proof of the candidate availing it and nowadays it is essential documents in case you want to apply for any type of the service in the UT Chandigarh as to gain the benefit of any of the scheme you have to give the proof of your residence so the government authorities designated for the task help the people of the UT to get the Domicile certificate or the Residence certificate issued to them.

Benefits of Domicile certificate Chandigarh

The following written are the benefits which can only be availed in case you are the holder of the Valid Domicile certificate of the Region where you reside. Check the points to know about the Benefits so that if you are not a Holder of the Residence certificate you can apply.

  • It serves as the Residence proof for the candidate holding it as mentioned earlier.
  • The people can get the benefits of various schemes launched by the government in case they have the Domicile certificate.
  • The candidate who have to apply for any type of job whether government or Private has to give the proof of the Residence.
  • To apply for the Ration card one is asked to present the residence proof.

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Eligibility Residence Certificate Chandigarh

The interested candidate can check the eligibility to know who can apply for the Residence certificate to get the benefits mentioned above and more. Check the points of Eligibility as follows:

  1. One should be the Permanent Resident of the UT Chandigarh.
  2. The candidate applying should be living in the place for more than 5 Years.
  3. The Women married to the individual of the UT Chandigarh who is a permanent resident of the state can apply for the Residence certificate.

Application fee

In case you are interested to apply for the Domicile certificate Chandigarh. You can apply by fulfilling the eligibility points mentioned and the application charges are required to be given by the candidate applying for the Domicile certificate. The application charges for the Domicile certificate Chandigarh is Rs. 30 Only.

Documents Required for Domicile certificate UT

The following given are the documents which are required in case you want to apply for the Domicile certificate Chandigarh. Make use of the point to know about the Documents name.

  • Application form for the Domicile certificate along with the Stamp on the Bond Paper of Rs. 2
  • Aadhaar Card of the candidate applying.
  • Any of the Proof from the Given below:
    • Applicant should be the resident of the district.
    • Date of birth certificate of the candidate as an Age proof.
    • Copy of Ration card of the applicant.
  • All the documents should be Self-attested or by the Gazetted Officer.

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Concerned Department

Revenue Department is the department responsible for the issuance of the Domicile certificate and the and the  Concerned Authority whom you can contact is Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Application Procedure Residence Certificate Chandigarh

The Residence certificate Chandigarh can be applied by visiting the E- Sampark Center nearby you. You can get the application form from the center. Fill the application form and Submit it to the center along with the documents. The e- Sampark center will process your application digitally and the verification for the application submitted by you and the documents given by you will be done.

After the verification, you will be issued the Domicile certificate and you will be informed about it and you can collect it from the center.

Application Form Residence Proof Chandigarh

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As mentioned earlier you can get the application form from the e sampark center nearby you or you can also get the application form as the pdf of the application form Domicile certificate Chandigarh is given for your assistance on the page below. You can view the application or make use of the pdf if required.

Contact info

Address– Sub Divisional Magistrate Office, Plot No. 701, CTU Building, Industrial Area, Phase-I, U.T. Chandigarh-160002

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