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Domicile Certificate Tamil Nadu

The domicile Certificate is the other name of the residence certificate as it is the residence proof of the candidate exhibiting it. The residence certificate or the domicile is the legal document which is used in case you have to prove your residence and serves as the proof of the place, district or the state mentioned on the domicile certificate Tamil Nadu also has the same motive. The domicile is also named as the nativity certificate. The certificate has a great importance in one’s life if he/she wants to get the benefit of the government schemes. The domicile certificate has the same existence as the domicile certificate Tamil Nadu has.

In the article below you will be guided about the Domicile certificate how to apply and the other related information such as the Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules, purpose, benefits, and the procedure.

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Nativity certificate Tamil Nadu rules

If you are interested to apply for the domicile certificate Tamil Nadu then you should be aware of the eligibility to apply for the domicile certificate Tamil Nadu, Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules so that you can make use of it as the residence proof. So check the points below to know about the Criteria of eligibility for Domicile Certificate Tamil Nadu.

  • The applicant applying should be the living in the place for more than 6years and a permanent resident of the place.
  • The women who are not the resident of the state but is married to the men who is a permanent resident of the Tamil Nadu state are also eligible to apply for the Residence or the Nativity certificate.

Documents Required for Nativity Certificate

The following mentioned are the documents required for nativity certificate of the Tamil Nadu state. so you have to attach the document along as per the Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules, in case you are applying for the Nativity Certificate.

  • The applicant should have a residence proof it can be the Ration Card, voter card or the rental bill.
  • The applicant should have the Identity proof such as the Aadhaar card, Driving license.
  • Photograph of the applicant.

Nativity certificate Charges

| SarkariNiti

You have to only pay the service charges for the application of the nativity certificate of the Tamil Nadu state. so according to the guidelines of the concerned department, the application charges for the nativity certificate is Rs. 15,  as per the Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules, it can vary according to the instruction of the concerned department.

Information required for Domicile Certificate Tamil Nadu

Check the information required for domicile certificate Tamil Nadu which you have to fill when you have to apply for the nativity certificate, as per Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules of the Tamil Nadu.

  • Name of the Applicant, Father/Husband’s Name, Sex, personal details.
  • Residential Address of the candidate along the proof for it to be attached.
  • Ration Card No, and to attach along.
  • School Leaving Certificate and attach it along
  • Date of application
  • Signature of the Candidate

Offline application of  Domicile Certificate Tamil Nadu

If you are interested to apply for the offline application of domicile certificate Tamil Nadu, you can apply if you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria and you have the documents mentioned above. In case you satisfy all the above-mentioned condition then you can apply for the Domicile Certificate Tamil Nadu. So you can apply for the Nativity certificate Tamil Nadu as per the  Nativity certificate Tamilnadu rules by following the offline application procedure as follows:

Visit the Tehsildar’s office/ Apply Online 

You have to visit the Tehsildar office to get the application form for the domicile certificate in case of the rural areas or you can also visit the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or the Revenue Department or District Collector’s Office in case of urban area

Enter the Details

Get the application form and fill all the information as mentioned as mentioned above in the article.

Submit the application 

Then attach the documents and the photographs to submit the application form at the concerned department as of where you have obtained the application form.

Application form Nativity Certificate

In case you have to apply for the nativity certificate by the offline method and you are unable to get the application form, then no need to roam or worry you can obtain the application form below. As the application form is given in the article below attached for the convenience of the reader at the page. You can make use of the application form as it is in the form of pdf. You can download it or view it online in order to check the details required to fill the application form Nativity certificate or to get the format of the application form Nativity certificate.

You can make use of the above pdf of the application form.

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Online application for Domicile certificate Tamil Nadu

In case you are interested to apply online for the application foe Domicile Tamil Nadu to obtain the nativity certificate online, you have to follow the procedure given below.

You can either visit the official website of the Commissionerate of e-governance Tamil Nadu e-Governance agency.

You can also make use of the link, Apply online given below for the direct access to the official page. Then click on the link given below:

Click here

Reference Image:

| SarkariNiti
  • Then click on Online application form
  • Click on the Nativity Certificate form
    | SarkariNiti
  • Then you have to log in.
  • Then enter all the details you are asked.
  • Then you can apply for the Nativity certificate at the portal as mentioned above.
  • Submit the application form
  • The verification will be done and you will issue the Nativity Certificate.

Processing Time

As soon you fill the application form submit it to the concerned department of domicile certificate. It would take 30days for the Application for the processing. As the verification of the application along the documents will be done by the concerned department and after that, you will be issued a Domicile Certificate.


As if you hold a domicile/nativity certificate it is valid for a lifetime as per the concerned department new instruction.

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