Documents Every Indian Must Have

The documents are the proof which is issued to the candidate after the complete process of verification by the concerned department where the application is submitted by the applicant. The Documents are the legally assigned proof for the candidate’s identity or the proof of residence depending on the type of certificate the candidate availing in India. The Documents Issued official by the government official is termed as the Certificate as they certify the concerned information about the candidate and the record of the information is also be recorded by the department to keep the record of the person.

Benefits of Documents issued

The documents which are issued to the applicants has the benefits associated with them as the candidates can avail them if  they hold the official issued documents. Check the benefits as follows:

  • To get the proof of residence, Identity.
  • To get the benefits of the schemes launched by the government.
  • To get the proof of Marriage you can apply for Marriage Certificate.
  • To get the proof of Birth and Age you have to get the Birth Certificate.
  • To get the proof of the caste you have to apply for the Caste certificate.
  • To get the ration at subsidized prices you have to get issued the Ration card.
  • To drive a vehicle you should be availing the Driving License.
  • To get the right to vote you should be having the Voter card.

List of Documents Required

Documents required In India
Documents required In India

The documents which are to be furnished by the candidates who are the resident of India are detailed as follows:

Identity Documents

Residence Documents

Caste Documents

  • Caste Certificate
  • BC/OBC Certificate(Backward Caste / Other Backward Caste)
  • SC Certificate(Scheduled Caste)
  • ST Certificate(Scheduled Tribe)

Income Documents